A number of international artists posted on their social media accounts calls to join fundraising campaigns for earthquake victims in Morocco.

Morocco has set up a special fund to manage the consequences of the earthquake, through which financial donations are collected via regular or instant bank transfer from inside and outside the Kingdom.

On September 8, Morocco was struck by an earthquake measuring 7 on the Richter scale, considered the most violent in more than a century, and caused human and material losses.

Will Smit and the Madonna

  • International artists have a close relationship with Morocco, with a number of them participating in cultural and film events organized in the Kingdom, most notably the Marrakech International Film Festival.
  • Marrakech, the tourist capital of the Kingdom, some of whose old neighborhoods were affected by the devastating earthquake, is one of the favorite destinations for international artists to spend their annual holidays and celebrate their special occasions.
  • American actor Will Smit, who has previously visited Marrakech on professional and private occasions, was among the most prominent artists who expressed solidarity with Morocco, posting a video on his Instagram page calling for donations to those affected by the earthquake.
  • Hollywood star Adel Larbi and Bilal Fallah, who appeared alongside Moroccan directors of Belgian origin, said: "Those affected are in need of food, medicine, water and housing as well, especially reconstruction in the affected areas. You can help and donate to the fund set up by the state. Please donate. Aid can make a difference."
  • American pop star Madonna also posted a picture of an earthquake victim on Instagram, declaring her solidarity with the victims and the distinguished relationship she has with Morocco and its people.
  • Madonna called on her audience to donate to support earthquake victims and relief efforts, writing: "Morocco holds a great place in my heart, and the country has experienced the most severe earthquakes in more than 60 years. Today, I continue to support immediate relief efforts in Morocco. If you can donate please join me."

Games, Salty and Montana

  • Upon learning of the tragedy of the earthquake that struck Morocco, Congolese artist Meter Games moved to Morocco, where he became involved in distributing humanitarian aid to families affected by the earthquake.
  • Video clips documenting the French-Moroccan artist's involvement in solidarity campaigns with the residents of the affected areas have spread on social media platforms, a move that has been widely praised in the Kingdom.
  • Moroccan comedian Jad El Maleh expressed solidarity with the earthquake victims and allocated the proceeds of a charity concert he is holding in Paris to the fund for disaster management resulting from the Haouz earthquake.
  • The French-based artist has called on his followers on social media platforms to participate in a campaign organized by the French People's Relief Organization for the benefit of earthquake victims.
  • Moroccan-American artist Franche Montana has been involved in a campaign of solidarity with the victims of the El Haouz earthquake, donating $100,<> to the earthquake management fund.
  • Montana wrote on his social media accounts: "My homeland Morocco is suffering this tragedy. Please donate to those in need, even a little. For my part, I will launch $100,<> in emergency assistance."

Fundraiser in France

  • In France, a number of the most famous French and international artists participated in an artistic evening broadcast live on the channel "M6" in partnership with the French Red Cross, to collect donations for the benefit of families affected by the earthquake.
  • All the revenues of the evening, for which the slogan "All for Morocco" was chosen, were allocated to solidarity with the victims of the earthquake and their families.
  • The evening, which began with the performance of the Moroccan national anthem, was attended by a number of artists, including Claudio Cabello, Patrick Bruel, Fodil and Tina Arena.

Morocco's name shines globally

Commenting on the support of international celebrities for the victims of the Al-Hawz earthquake, tourism expert Zubair Bouhout stressed that "such initiatives are expected to have positive effects on the Kingdom's fundraising campaign for the benefit of the afflicted."

"The solidarity campaigns launched by international artists with strong ties to Morocco or of Moroccan origin will encourage their millions of followers on social media platforms to engage in campaigns to support those affected by the earthquake and rebuild the affected areas," Bouhout told Sky News Arabia.

He added that the campaigns "give radiance to the name of the Kingdom on the global level, which will contribute to promoting Morocco's destination and attracting millions of tourists from different parts of the world".

Bouhout stressed that the safety of airports and tourist infrastructure in Marrakech from the effects of the devastating earthquake will keep tourism in the country rebounding and help avoid the sector falling into crisis.