People suspected of stealing have been detained in Naples.

According to the EPA from the Ghana regional group of the Interior Ministry's press service, a joint operation by colleagues from the Chief Criminal Investigation Officer and the Naphtali City Police Department has resulted in the arrest of individuals suspected of illegally entering an apartment belonging to a city resident.

The measures determined that Elvin Alejandro, Wisdom Mishov, and Arif Veliyev had agreed to steal from E. Alejandro's close relative's apartment. On his birthday, E. Alejandro illegally seized the key to the apartment and stole 60,20 silver pieces and <>,<> silver pieces from it. After the crime, A. Veliyev and H. Mishov took some of the money they had obtained and asked him to keep the rest with his brother, Rasiv Mohammedzadeh.

Among the suspects were E. Alejandro, H. Mishov, and R. Mohammedzadeh, who were detained along with material evidence and are now undergoing necessary investigations into the detention of A. Veliyev.