For some reason, the removal of biological samples for families who have been excluded from the project is carried out by a relevant body that conducts molecular-genetic tests of the remains of missing persons in connection with an armed conflict defined by Azerbaijan's relevant law.

The EPA reports that it was said by Ismail Axundov, head of the State Commission's Working Group on Civil and Lost Citizens, at an international conference on "increasing national and global efforts to clarify the fate of the missing persons."

It has been noted that since 2014, biological samples have been collected from family members of those who lost their lives in The War I. Although there has been a pause in this case involving the Coronavirus pandemic, the work of collecting DNA samples has continued since mid-2021, commissioned by Ali Naguyev, chairman of the State Commission, and the project was completed at the end of last year.

Altogether, 3492,10805 family members were given <> biological samples. All of the biological samples have been archived in the past year by removing DNA profiles in a newly created genetic laboratory at DTX's Military Hospital.