The woman explains the easy way to remove every drop of ketchup from the bottle.

Many types of videos keep coming out on social media every day. Some of them are shocked, while some laugh and laugh. At the same time, some videos teach a lot along with good learning, which makes your difficult work very easy. Recently, a similar video is grabbing people's attention on the Internet, in which a woman is sharing an amazing kitchen hack, which people are very fond of.

You may have noticed that, when there are a few drops left in a sauce or ketchup bottle, it becomes very difficult to remove it. Most people are seen fighting many types of fights in the process of removing it. This kitchen hack video, viral on social media platform Instagram, is also showing an easy solution to this problem. In the video, a woman from America is telling how you can remove the last drop of ketchup from the bottle.

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The name of the woman seen in the video is being told as Casey Reger, who is a resident of Los Angeles. At the beginning of this 24-second video, Casey Reiger says that she saw someone doing this on TikTok. He found this method very amazing. In the video, Casey Reiger first holds the ketchup bottle with her left hand and then starts rotating it 360 degrees in the opposite direction of the clock. She repeats it about seven times. At the end of the video, you will see how all the ketchup comes automatically in place of the lid of the ketchup bottle. This post shared on August 30 is being seen and liked a lot.