These things are designed to support in difficult times, because they calm down, give harmony and joy, contribute to psychological relief, and inspire hope for the best. New items are presented in official stores in Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Lutsk and Rivne, as well as in the online catalog, where they can be purchased with delivery.


From the very beginning of the full-scale invasion, the company's staff, like the vast majority of Ukrainians, has been actively involved in volunteer and charitable activities. Some of our employees joined the ranks of the Armed Forces, while others help the army, take care of IDPs, participate in social projects – and at the same time perform their duties and master innovative technologies to delight customers with high-quality and stylish products made from solar gems. However, such an intense load does not pass without a trace – it leads to emotional burnout, neuroses, depression, panic attacks, and even suicidal thoughts. And this is not a rare problem – now up to 95% of citizens face such manifestations.

That is why "Amber Polissia" offers a selection of relics that can become a source of spiritual consolation. Fervent prayer, meditation, appeal to the elements or the Genus – all this distracts from current worries, allows you to control yourself and find inner balance. A study by psychiatrists from the universities of Jerusalem (Israel) and Ohio (USA) proves that such practices reduce the likelihood of severe shock or post-traumatic stress disorder by about 44.5%, and also speed up adaptation and recovery. And Viktor Frankl (an Austrian philosopher and psychotherapist who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp) assured that such classes bring meaningfulness and regularity to existence.

Therefore, an amber Christian shrine, a pendant, an incense, a car amulet, a bracelet or a pendant-esoteric symbol is not just an element of clothing or décor, but also a good tool for self-regulation. Sincere faith will endow them with miraculous properties, turning them into a means of communication with supernatural forces or their own subconscious. These items are a kind of "anchor" for the psyche, which will save you from apathy, despair and mental devastation.


The key to the life-giving effect of our products is the material itself. Natural amber has long symbolized the Sun, fire, and positive energy. Ancestors believed that it drove away evil spirits, the evil eye, diseases and death, so golden gems were given to rulers, newlyweds, travelers, women in labor and mischievous babies. Later, sacred objects were decorated with hardened resin to demonstrate their divine essence – the shimmering radiance flowing from the jewels clearly personified the grace of the Heavenly Kingdom. Wallets were also inlaid with sparkling stones – to make them lucky in financial matters; weapons and warrior armor – for good luck, protection from wounds and a speedy victory; household utensils to attract well-being and comfort to the home.

Already in the twentieth century. Laboratory experiments proved that such beliefs were not unfounded. In particular, the chemical composition of Polissya amber includes such healing trace elements as iodine, zinc, magnesium, calcium and selenium. However, the most useful compound in it is the acid and essential oil of the same name – they normalize sleep, reduce the production of adrenaline and cortisol (hormones that provoke excessive anxiety or aggression), strengthen the immune system, prevent diseases of the lungs, joints and gastrointestinal tract, and improve the general condition of the body. If you touch warm gems with your fingers or roll them into your palms like a rosary, they will massage biologically active points – this "grounds" in the current moment, relieves muscle spasms and relaxes.

An important role is played by the palette of hardened resin. Yellow, orange and cognac shades invigorate, cheer, increase initiative, concentration and creativity. From the contemplation of red, the pulse quickens and blood pressure increases, a person becomes sociable and mobile. The olive-green colors that radiate the stones mined in the Rivne, Zhytomyr and Volyn regions evoke a sense of safety and security. Dark, almost black gems encourage deep reflection and full concentration on the task at hand, while white ones free the mind from stereotypes.

Our craftsmen take into account these and many other nuances in order to make truly perfect things. Below is a more detailed description of their varieties.


The assortment includes both images in the Catholic tradition (copies of paintings by Raphael Santi, Rogier van der Weyden, Leonardo da Vinci, poured out of hardened resin), and Orthodox shrines made according to ancient canons. You can search for a personal relic at the call of your heart or guided by more formal requirements. For example, in the home of every believer there should be icons of the Savior and the Virgin Mary. But the owner chooses their type individually: the Old Testament Trinity, "Pantocrator" or "Mandylion", "Hodegetria", "Eleusa" or "Oranta" – our consultants explain the differences between these categories and suggest what meaning they carry.

The face of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is often added to the two central images – he is begged to forgive sins, to bring him to his senses, to guide him on the right path, to save him from dangers and ill-wishers – and his personal patron. On such shrines, an angel-protector, a namesake righteous (the one in whose honor a person received a name) or a professional patron are immortalized: for example, the military are taken care of by the Archangel Michael and the Great Martyr Yuri the Serpent Fighter, doctors are taken care of by the wonderworker Panteleimon, teachers are taken care of by St. George. Cyril and Methodius.

It is a good custom to give gem relics to mark important life milestones. A couple getting married will need wedding icons, and a baby will need a measured (full-length) one, the length of which exactly corresponds to his height at the time of birth. For harmony in the family, an exclusive family image is ordered, where the heavenly intercessors of parents, children and other loved ones are located around the central figure (the Mother of God or Jesus Christ). And those who dream of success in business should put a mosaic shrine in a comfortable icon case in the office.


Almost any memorable gift, souvenir or accessory can become a powerful amulet – the main thing is that it is associated with intense experiences, provokes a powerful sensual response. In ancient times, such amulets were selected according to a fairly simple principle of similarity: a wolf's fang endowed courage, ingenuity and endurance, a deer horn – morality, purity and nobility of spirit, an owl feather – foresight and insight, a snake scale – cunning, and a fish – fertility. Flowers carved from precious stones emphasized female beauty, attracted brides and prevented premature aging, while fruits and vegetables guaranteed wealth and prosperity.

Now more abstract talismans have appeared. According to the Jewish teaching of Kabbalah, a bracelet with a red thread and a piece of hardened resin protects against sorcerers, envious people, attackers and otherworldly demons, ordering the aura of the owner. The stylized tree embodies the pedigree and genetic heritage from which you can draw inspiration and optimism. The yin-yang sign reminds of the circulation of energies, and the whirlpool is the cyclic movement of the zodiac luminaries and the wheel of Fortune. Listen to your intuition – and you will find a thing that will protect you from adversity, push you to the optimal solution, and get rid of complexes.


To buy any of our products, contact the manager through social networks, a special online form or by phone +38 (098) 302 0000. The company cooperates with Nova Poshta, so it carries out prompt delivery almost throughout Ukraine (the cost depends on the carrier's tariffs), as well as prepares documents and packaging for export abroad, including for oversized cargo.