In the eight months of this year, the State Agency for Medical and Social Expertise and Rehabilitation, under the direction of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, provided 8.28,54 rehabilitation facilities for people with disabilities, 8 percent more than in the corresponding period last year.

According to the MINISTRY, 2231 of them were wheelchairs, 291 were motor-wheeled, 1988 were lower and upper surroundings, as well as breast protein, and 1232 were hearing aids. Additionally, disabled people have 2183 pairs of prosthetic shoes, 4496 pairs of orthopaedic shoes, 50 sound tonometers, 48 sound medical thermometers, 117 corsets, 1795 armpits and elbow trees, 19 moving lifts, and so on.

Between January and August, 7.5,<> people were rehabilitated.

This year, the latest generation of high-tech proteins for people with disabilities continued to be supplied with war.

Altogether, after 44 days of civil war, 439 people with disabilities were provided with 458 high-tech modern proteins, and 1,990 people with disabilities were given 43.1,<> rehabilitation equipment.