An accident occurred in the Admiralty site and two people were injured. At about 18:2 this afternoon (42th), the police received a report that a gondola fell on a site on Murray Road, and one of them was trapped for a time. Rescuers arrived and first took a male injured man to Queen Mary's Hospital, who was awake and holding a phone; Another person was later rescued and was taken to an ambulance on the grounds, also taken to Queen Mary's Hospital for treatment, wearing an oxygen mask and fixing his head with a headband. As seen at the scene, the site involved is "The Henderson", which, according to the information, is a commercial project of Henderson Land Development. In response to the Hong Kong 01 enquiry, the Labour Department indicated that it was aware of the incident and had launched an investigation.
It is understood that the two injured workers were carrying out lift construction work on the gondola on the 28th floor at the time of the incident, but the gondola suddenly fell to the ground, and one of them was suspected of not wearing a seat belt, and the paddle fell down; The other did not fall because he was wearing a seat belt, but fortunately both were awake and sent to the hospital.

A gondola was suspected to have fallen on the site of the Admiralty Murray Building reconstruction, and one of the injured was hospitalized. (Photo by Ma Yaowen)

The Police said that at about 2:42 p.m. this afternoon, they received a report from the workers at the site concerned, saying that two male workers surnamed Lui and Liang (both aged 48) were travelling on a gondola that suddenly fell while working outside the first floor, and Lui Man fell to the ground together with the gondola. Rescuers arrived at the scene, and the fire rescued Lei Nan, who was injured in his bones and hands, and Liang Nan, who had abrasions on his limbs and felt neck pain, was sent to Mary Hospital for treatment. The preliminary investigation of the officers believed that the case was not suspicious, and the case was listed as an industrial accident.

In 2012, Henderson Land Development announced that the commercial project named "The Henderson" is expected to be completed in 2023.

Henderson Land Development responded to the incident by saying that the Group expressed its deep condolences to the two elevator contractor workers in the accident. From the preliminary understanding of the general contractor, it was learned that the working platform in the elevator slot where the accident occurred was the operating tool of the outsourced elevator company, and the elevator company is now studying the cause of the accident. After the incident, the Group had a responsible project supervisor to follow up on the site and the hospital.


The Industrial Casualty Rights Association alleged on Facebook that the two workers involved were suspected of working on a gondola in the gall compartment, during which the gondola fell and two were injured, one of whom was seriously injured and was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU). The CWI expressed alarm at the accident and urged the Labour Department to thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident and publish the results of the investigation.