A song file, the wind and rain have not changed for ten years, no matter how many people on the street there are, they still meet friends with songs. The nearly 70-year-old sister is the owner of one of the song stalls on Temple Street, and she said that she opened the file as an interest, "I want to do it first, but I like to open it." In her eyes, the song stall is also a place for the elderly and retirees to have a pastime, and every night when the stall opens, the father in his 90s will also come together to listen to the song and snort.

After the baptism of the epidemic, my sister said that there are not many shoppers left, and the main ones who come are singers who are used to singing. However, over the years, due to noise control, the song stall often had to end early, and it could not be opened from 7 pm to 10 pm as usual, which was quite unpleasant and made it difficult for the song stall to survive. The elder sister intends to give her nephew Ah Feng, who said that although he appreciates the good relationship between the temple street neighborhood and feels that the song file needs to continue to develop, he has to be "realistic": "Look at the situation, get food, and first inherit the operation."

On this night, the song stalls also have to end early, the lights are turned off, the music stops suddenly, the people who come to listen to the songs and sing have not dispersed, and some people can't help but criticize the government for saying that it intends to do a good job in the night market, but at the same time it is killing the night market. Foreigners who passed by also lamented that tourists came to Hong Kong to get to know "Old Hong Kong" and hoped that the authorities would value these local cultures.

【Hong Kong Night Color. One of the Temple Street Story Series】

There is no one to sing under the banyan tree on Temple Street for a long time, but there are still several singing stalls in the street next to Tin Hau Temple, and the nearly 70-year-old sister (pictured right) is one of the stall owners. (Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

Before she took over the song, she was a singer

Under the banyan tree on Temple Street, no one has long been singing, but there are still several singing stalls in the street next to Tin Hau Temple, and the nearly 70-year-old sister has operated one of them for ten years, and in the ten years before taking over, she was a singer, sometimes singing in the cabaret around Temple Street, and sometimes singing in the singing stall, "If you have to sing, you can sing every day." It's all about making food money."

She said that considering taking over, the main reason was that the original file owner did not have time to open the stall at that time, and rented the stall to someone to take care of, but the hirer did not open the stall for half a month, "I'm so bored." After she took over, the song file was open all year round, rain or shine, and it opened as usual.

When he was over 9 years old, his father also listened to songs and snorted in the evening

The song documents run by the big sister set up a tent and tent every evening, and wait for the singers to arrive at 90 p.m. She also said that her father is over <> years old and does not worry about leaving him at home alone, so he will also bring him to listen to songs and snort at the beginning of the stall.

She continued that the song file is also a place for the elderly and retirees, and she opened the song file herself for interest, "Don't do it, don't open the house enterprise to do the beggar, return to the house enterprise, live alone against four walls." I like to do it first, but I like to open it."

Yin Guang and Lu Shan also came to sing a song with regular guests, and the big sister enjoyed herself

The big sister walked around the song stall, played teeth with the guests, and sang a song with the familiar guests, enjoying herself. Asked about the past appearance of the song file, she is also happy to open the phone album and share the videos of celebrities coming to film, Yin Guang and Lu Shan have also come, and there are also local and foreign tourists who come to charter parties and sing and dance videos.

In the past ten years, there have been many changes in the song file.

The song file used to ask musicians to play the piano to accompany, after the big sister took over, she decided to switch to Kala OK, she confessed that she didn't know anything about audio equipment at that time, and she successfully "transformed" by slowly groping with her nephew, "I'm good at teeth polishing, and I have to do Kala OK alone on a street. The reason for introducing KalaOK is also very simple and straightforward, "because it is troublesome to ask people (to play the piano)."

Invite a niece to be a DJ to broadcast songs, and the song file must also be "transformed"

The big sister does not ask for people, in the past, she went to the warehouse alone to move the table, equipment, set up the shed to open the stall, greet guests, broadcast songs, and all the files were handled by one hand. But in recent years, she has also begun to feel that she can't do it by carrying heavy objects and building a shed alone, so she has to hire helpers, and she is also a little overwhelmed by greeting guests while dealing with the stereo, and about three years ago, she hired her nephew to be a "DJ" to broadcast songs.

Ah Feng, a sister-in-law, said that about three years ago, when the song stall came to help, there was no epidemic at the beginning, and the song stall was often full, and pedestrians filled the entire street. (Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

Guests come to sing more than old songs

When guests come to the song stall, they not only sing Cantonese opera and old songs, but also some mainland "new songs", "The first row sings "Waiting for You So Long", 𠵱 family does not tie the horn, 𠵱 family sings "Red Face Confidant"." Earlier, singer Zheng Xinyi appeared in the next door to sing "Listen to the Sea", and the elder sister said that guests can also sing it now.

The big sister said that she didn't have any special favorite songs, but some acquaintances liked to sing choral songs, would learn with her, and then sing together, "It's like "Red Face Confidant" and "Red Dust Love Song", slowly learn to learn by yourself, learn choral songs, and sing solo I don't want to learn La."

At about 8 p.m., more and more people listened to the song near the song stall. (Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

Everything is changing in Temple Street, and the biggest change is the sparse flow of people

The forms, the people, and the songs have changed, but the biggest change in recent years has always been the sparse flow of people coming to the street. The eldest sister said that in the past, there were many people on the street, and many tourists called pedestrians to "give tips", and most of them were willing, "I used to smoke a pocket, and I have collected a hundred mosquitoes in silver." 𠵱No one in the family." At present, there are few people, and those who will come to the singing stall are all singers who are used to singing and listening to songs.

There are many people, people who sing, people who like to play, many people who listen to songs, many people who walk, and many people who used to do it. Big sister

Before the new crown, the market was weak after the epidemic, and everyone's sister and nephew A Feng: Back to the past

My sister's nephew Ah Feng also said that when she first came to help, the new crown epidemic did not break out, and many nights the song stalls were full, and pedestrians filled the entire street, "After the epidemic, a city road was lightly sunburned, and it was not until I returned."

Several song files were suspected of being complained about due to noise problems, and some police officers came to ask the song files to close early. (Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

This night, there were noise complaints to "close"

In addition to the flow of people, noise control is also closely linked to the operation of song files. At nearly 8 p.m. on Friday night, the song stall was gradually filled with guests, and some people gathered near the song stall to listen to the song. However, at about 8 o'clock, a police officer came to the police officer who suspected that he had been complained about the noise problem: "Closing Horn, Closing Horn."

Music stops, several times a month, big sister: It's uncomfortable to tie it tightly

The music of the song file suddenly stopped, and there was no illusion light, and the big sister said that she would encounter this situation several times a month, and the shortest attempt to open the gear was 40 minutes before it was closed, "Tighten the uncomfortable horn, don't be happy with the horn." When the file is opened, the talk is closed, and there are no customers early, and as soon as there are guests, the talk will be closed." Ah Feng also mentioned that the opening hours of the stalls are from 7 pm to 10 pm, and the closing time has been set earlier than the 11 pm stipulated in the noise control regulations, but in fact, many times the song stalls do not operate for a full three hours.

The same artist Xiaohong transferred to Temple Street because of the "killing street" of Western Vegetable Street: there is no way to sing

Xiao Hong, the person in charge of the neighboring song stall, used to sell art in Sai Yeung Choi Street in Mong Kok, and after Sai Yeung Choi Street "killed the street", Xiao Hong came to the market street to run a song stall. Xiaohong said that the current situation is not as good as before in Xiyang Cai Street, "In the past, I would be called loud and soft, but I would be called to close the file. ...... I like street performances and singing, so I can't help it, I don't want to sing everywhere, and I go to the last place in Yau Ma Tei."

Does Hong Kong still have a night day? Xiaohong: There are many people who come out and go, there is food and songs to listen to

Xiaohong used to hear that Hong Kong is the city that never sleeps, but now when she talks about this image, she shakes her head and sighs that she no longer has such thoughts. She revealed that when she went to Zhuhai to play earlier, she saw that the local night market was pressing, there were restaurants and people selling singing, and they could also open until 1 or 2 a.m., bluntly saying that these are "never night days", "If the government really wants to be prosperous, I want to sing at night, you look at Yau Ma Tei only to return to a carnival, if you want everyone to go out and go down, there is food, there are songs to listen to, and it will be prosperous in Hong Kong?" Everyone came out of the song and listened, so disappointed? Follow and go. Follow me and lose money every day."

At the end of the song, the singer must disperse: return to the house and teach

The guests of the song stall came to sing wholeheartedly, naturally feeling disappointed, and after the song stall turned off the lights, many guests still wandered nearby. Mr. Chan, a frequent visitor to the singing stalls, gathering with friends from time to time, and sometimes closing early, said that he knew that the government intended to set up night markets, and frankly said that he did not understand why there was no change in law enforcement, just like "talk one thing, do another", leaving no room for the song file to operate.

Another regular visitor, Mr. Chow (pseudonym), had just arrived at the singing stall, but before he could sing, the singing stall had ended early, and he sighed: "I want to open my heart, but I don't want to open my heart." ...... Go back to the house and teach, don't you want to tie up? Don't consume, go back to the house and teach." , "Hong Kong also wants to set up night markets, do you want to do it, do you have any use?"

The eldest sister and nephew Ah Feng spent more than an hour cleaning up the table and equipment in the stall, and there were also foreigners during this period, including Nelson, who has lived in Hong Kong for 30 years and had also visited the stall before, and he said that when he came tonight, he was very disappointed to find that no one was singing. He said he was aware that the Hong Kong government was trying to re-promote local tourism, but at the same time there were many local regulations, which made it impossible for many food stalls and street singing to continue, which made it a pity for him.

Nelson said that many foreign tourists come to Hong Kong not to see shopping malls, but to get to know the authentic old Hong Kong. (Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

Nelson added that many foreign tourists come to Hong Kong not to see shopping malls, but to get to know the authentic "old Hong Kong", bluntly saying that these vendors and street performances are local culture worth cherishing, and it is also the culture that tourists want to know the most, but the Hong Kong government may not understand, hope that the Hong Kong government can see these local cultures, and revise policies so that these local cultures have room for continued survival.

The sister wants to hand over the rod and the nephew must look at the reality: the food will be passed on first

The eldest sister hopes to make a song file until she is 70 years old, and then hand over the song file to her niece to take care of, live a retirement life, and dress up every day to play the song file. Nephew Ah Feng said that although he likes the good relationship in the temple street neighborhood and hopes to continue to have a song file to give retirees another place to play, when it comes to the issue of taking over, he reluctantly said that he still needs to be "realistic": "Look at the situation, get food, and first inherit the management."

The eldest sister sorted out all kinds of materials, pushed away the song documents with a trolley, and sent them to the warehouse for storage. (Photo by Zhou Zhijian)

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