Apart from figs, other good sources of calcium food include soy, milk and green leafy vegetables.

Benefits of soaked figures: Figs contain neither fat nor cholesterol. Also, it contains very little sodium and a balanced amount of fiber, carbohydrates and sugar. Eating soaked figs regularly throughout the night can provide many health benefits. They can also be eaten directly, although soaking in water will give you better health benefits. Soaking in advance helps break down the soluble fiber content of figs.

By applying the paste of this fruit leaf, the face will disappear within 15 days.

Benefits of eating figs

Figs are low in calories and high in fiber. Especially if you are trying to lose weight. Along with eating soaked figs in the morning, you can also eat it to satisfy hunger between meals. Instead of eating chocolate or ice cream after a meal, these are also great for satiating your sweet eating desire.

Figs contain chlorogenic acid and potassium, which helps control your blood sugar levels. This is best for those who want to control their sugar levels.

Figs are also rich in calcium, which is essential for healthy bones. Our body does not produce calcium itself, so it is important to eat foods that can provide calcium to our body. Apart from figs, other good sources of calcium include soy, milk and green leafy vegetables.

- The high fiber content of figs eases bowel movements. People suffering from constipation should include figs in their diet to maintain a healthy gut.

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