The Ministry of Justice's Penitentiary Service has released information about the discovery of military surveillance in the Xerxes region of Baku.

On September 11, the Ministry of Justice, along with colleagues of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, discovered a number of RQN-branded hand grenades, a number of UDZ explosives, and a number of tapes in a cemetery in the town of Gala in Baku, Xerxes District, according to the EPA. It was taken: "The hand grenade has been transferred to colleagues of the Special Risk Rescue Service of the Ministry of Emergency Affairs for the purpose of harming it."



The Ministry of Emergency Affairs' hotline "112" reported on the burial of military surveillance in the Xerxes region of Baku.

According to a report from the FHN to the EPA, an environmental group of fhn Special Risk Rescue Service (XRXX) mine clearance was immediately drawn to the scene.

Following appropriate security measures in the area, the law-enforcement agency and its partners were identified as 1 Makarov-type tape, 1 RQN hand grenade, and an explosive device.

Sursat has been removed from the area by experts from the XRXX environmental group.

An additional search of the scene and nearby surrounding area has not uncovered any other dangerous or suspicious objects.