Royal Princess Anne, for example, always wore her hair long and never dyed it, unlike her mother, Queen Elizabeth II, whom we have never seen with gray hair. 73-year-old Anna is not ashamed of her gray hair and has not changed her hairstyle for many decades.

Princess Anne / Photo: Associated Press

Queen Letizia once wore different hairstyles and dyed her hair in different colors. But for the last ten years, the wife of the King of Spain has not dyed her hair or dyed over strands of gray hair. Why the queen made such a choice is not known, in the Spanish press she is often criticized for this. But in general, the example of Letizia is fascinating.

Queen Letizia previously / Photo: Associated Press

Queen Letizia now / Photo: Associated Press

Queen Letizia / Photo: Associated Press

83-year-old Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has also not dyed her hair for many years, preferring natural gray. She is the queen, however, more reminiscent of ash blonde. Sometimes the monarch hides her gray hair under bright hats, but she chooses them more for the main outfit than to hide something from the public.

Queen Margrethe II / Photo: Getty Images

Queen Margrethe II / Photo: Getty Images

Queen Margrethe II / Photo: Associated Press

The cousin of the late Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Alexandra of Kent, was brown-haired in her youth, and in her old age she began dyeing her hair blonde. Now 86 years old, she wears gray hair, but it seems that she still tints it to the perfect shade.

Princess Alexandra of Kent / Photo: Associated Press

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