Bruce Lee and Karim Abdul Jabbar.

When it comes to martial arts, Bruce Lee's name will come first. This famous martial arts veteran was famous for his agility and his moves. Despite his slim lean stature, Bruce Lee was an expert at beating the biggest rivals. Some of his similar pictures are going viral on social media, in which he is seen trying his moves on a person very high above himself. The story of both is such that both of them were veterans of their respective fields and later very good friends.

Tremendous flying kick

An Instagram handle named Thashyne has shared some old pictures of Bruce Lee, in which Bruce Lee is seen with a man. Looking at the pictures, it can be guessed that the person standing in front is much taller than Bruce Lee, but the next picture will surprise you when you slide. This martial arts soorma has put such a long flying kick, which has reached the head of a person much taller than himself. Even after this, there are many pictures, in which Bruce Lee is no less than this tall person.

See the pictures here.

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Become good friends

According to the information shared on the Instagram handle, this picture is from the year 1967, when Karim Abdul Jabbar came to Bruce Lee for training. Karim Abdul Jabbar was at UCLA at the time. Karim Abdul Jabbar believed that Bruce Lee was the most modern among all martial arts trainers of that era. He said that Bruce Lee was a man who could win over anyone in just 20 seconds.

Let me tell you, Bruce Lee and Kareem Abdul Jabbar viral pic are a basketball legend themselves, who will always be remembered in the history of the NBA. Later, Jabbar and Bruce Lee were also good friends. His guest appearance also appeared in Bruce Lee's movie Game of Death.