U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, who has put more than 200 Chinese companies on the "blacklist," sent her Mate 8 Pro, the day before her four-day visit to China on August 30, when Huawei, one of China's three major mobile phone brands, presented her with a big gift without warning - equipped with a 7-nanometer-comparable 5G chip (also known as a chip) and the first new machine with satellite call function. Just when Chinese pollen (Huawei fans) believes that the release of the Mate series of new machines is becoming more and more remote, and the Western world is becoming more and more confident that sanctions will be successful, Huawei's new machine is "resurrected with blood" and "returned to glory", which has excited countless Chinese netizens and shocked the Western public opinion field.

Huawei broke the US blockade and released a new 3G machine after 5 years, using domestic Kirin chips to attract netizens to boil

Huawei comes back with full blood and wins the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea again?

The fundamental reason why Huawei's new machine surprised the world comes from the scientific and technological war launched by the United States against China during the Trump period to the present, not only completely blocking the export of high-end technology, materials and equipment to China, but also Huawei's chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou was placed under house arrest by the United States for three years, and the United States included Huawei and its subsidiaries in the "entity list" of export control in 2019, and imposed three rounds of sanctions on Huawei in 2020.

Under this cold winter, Huawei Mate 60 Pro chose Raimondo to "come out" during his visit to China, Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao commented that the timing is intriguing, and whether its "full blood comeback" means that the US ban is fiercely placed. For Huawei, in addition to political factors, I believe there are also market considerations behind it, and it may compete with the upcoming Apple iPhone 15, and the final result depends on whether consumers can pay for it.

On September 2023, 9, customers experienced Huawei's new mobile phone, the Mate 4 Pro, they just purchased at a Huawei store in Hangzhou. (VCG)

"Hong Kong 01" took the lead in launching an analysis and commentary, pointing out that in the situation that Western countries are generally not optimistic and singing down, including TSMC "godfather" Zhang Zhongmou believes that "China is difficult to become a global chip hegemon", the "stuck neck" of the United States did not beat Huawei, the "thorn in the eye", but forced China to achieve technological breakthroughs and industrial upgrading again. If this brilliant performance is put into the history of New China, it is as if China won the victory of "resisting US aggression and aiding Korea" in three years, one month and two days.

American media is sour and itchy, satellite calls "poke the sky"?

Just when China's self-media set off a wave of dismantling and analysis, Western public opinion has also raised questions and confusion, mainly focusing on two major questions: Is Huawei's new machine a 5G mobile phone? Who makes the chip? Then came three major possibilities: consuming Huawei's existing chip inventory, China's most advanced chip foundry "SMIC" production, and Huawei's own production. The speculation of the major media in the United States fully reflects the "sour and itchy" mentality behind it.

Before Huawei officially held a "formal announcement" of specifications, Bloomberg commissioned the technical analysis company "TechInsights" to disassemble, and its report has now become a more authoritative statement on the table. According to reports, Huawei Mate 60 Pro mobile phone uses SMIC's "Kirin 9000S" chip, which is the first chip to use SMIC's most advanced 7nm process technology. Dan Hutcheson, an analyst and vice chairman of the company, said, "This is quite an important announcement for China. SMIC's progress is accelerating, and it is clear that the 7nm yield problem has been solved."

Huawei Mate 60 series mobile phones use self-developed Kirin chip 9000S. (VCG)

In addition, Bloomberg test results show that the network speed of Huawei Mate 60 Pro is comparable to Apple's latest series of iPhone models. The new flagship smartphone, priced at more than US$900 per unit, has a bandwidth similar to other 5G mobile phones and has been praised in the mainland as a major breakthrough in "breaking through the heavy technical sanctions of the United States".

In addition to the major breakthrough in the chip manufacturing process, the more shocking function of the world is that Huawei Mate 60 Pro has realized the mobile phone satellite call function for the first time, which can be said to be far ahead in the world. Lu Tingjie, a professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and executive vice chairman of the China Information Economics Association, explained, "In the past, the Tiantong-<> satellite was mainly used in the event of natural disasters or in some maritime satellite communications, but the previous terminal was particularly large. So now Huawei's new mobile phone must have a very important breakthrough in antenna technology and energy-consuming technology to provide satellite call function on mobile phones, which even Elon Musk's Starlink has not achieved."

The Mate 60 Pro, the first equipped with satellite phone function, adopts the second generation of Beidou satellite communication technology, with voice communication function and two-way SMS transmission function. Experts believe that this "sky-breaking" technological innovation, "although it is difficult for us to use in ordinary life, but for those on the sea, in the desert, in the barren mountains, and in disaster areas, it will be a matter of life."

Taiwanese magician assists a big breakthrough in the transformation of technical tools

The next question worth exploring is, how did Huawei come out with a mobile phone with the same performance as 5G under the siege and blockade of the United States for nearly four years? To solve this puzzle, the key is undoubtedly the chip equipped with the Mate 60 Pro and the production story behind it.

On September 2023, 9, local time, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the Kirin 3S chip manufactured by SMIC was taken from Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.'s Mate 9000 Pro smartphone. Huawei and SMIC, China's largest chipmaker, have built an advanced 60-nanometer processor for its latest smartphone. (VCG)

Authoritative analysis has been released, and the possibility of Mate 60 Pro using the 2020 Kirin 9000 stock has been basically ruled out. However, in 2020, SMIC was included in the list of sanctioned entities, and the EUV lithography machine controlled by ASML in the Netherlands was banned from sale to China, and how did China produce 7nm chips when it only owned a DUV lithography machine?

Lin Benjian, an academician of Taiwan's "Academia Sinica", once said that under the equipment that cannot obtain EUV, using multiple exposure technology, it can reach 5 nanometers, but limited by resolution, the actual limit is 7 nanometers. Following this trajectory, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. applied to the State Intellectual Property Office in 2021 for a patent called "mirror, lithography device and its control method", which is related to EUV lithography machine from the published content. In addition, Huawei's rotating chairman Xu Zhijun also announced that it has "basically realized the localization of EDA (electronic design automation) tools above 14nm, and will complete their full verification in 2023."

In other words, at least Huawei has made breakthroughs in semiconductor technology self-sufficiency and design tools, and after further transformation, 7nm chips can be self-developed and produced, which is quite likely.

If China can localize high-end chips, TSMC, the global foundry leader, will inevitably be under pressure and impact to be caught up. Interestingly, SMIC CEO Liang Mengsong, who has the title of "Taiwan chip magician", once helped Samsung overtake TSMC, and is also regarded as a "TSMC rebel" by some people in the industry, he led SMIC from 28nm to 14nm process, and now assists SMIC to 7nm, making it highly concerned by the outside world again.

Huawei breaks through to uncover the mystery of the "birth" of 7nm chips

China cannot be defeated by foreign enemies

In terms of the breakthrough of Mate 60 Pro at the technical level, "Hong Kong 01" pointed out that the "return of the unicorn" represents the following two great significances: this is the first mobile phone with completely independent intellectual property rights in China, indicating the failure of the United States to comprehensively strangle and blockade Chinese technology. However, China's high-end chip production road, with high walls outside, is indeed a very difficult road to catch up with ASML, TSMC, Samsung, Intel and other large manufacturers. How to achieve high yield, large output and low cost, while realizing the full localization of technology and equipment, is still a major issue for China to break through in this big country game science and technology war.

The picture shows the Dutch ASML manufacturing plant of the lithography machine giant in Berlin, Germany, on January 2022, 1, local time. (VCG)

The mainland's official media "Economic Daily" also published a commentary article that the new mobile phone Mate 60 Pro launched by the communication giant Huawei is hot, although it reflects the expectations of the outside world for the "China Chip", but "it may be too early to say that the light boat has passed the <>,<> mountains."

Of course, for China, not being humble is the most needed pragmatic attitude to break the US technological siege. However, from the perspective of historical depth, Huawei's launch of a new machine that has attracted the eyes of the world at this moment shows that Huawei has always held the recognition of gratitude to its opponents and enemies, and has always maintained an open attitude and a sense of distress by seeking truth from facts and calmly and frankly acknowledging the gap between China and the United States.

On the other hand, as Taiwanese scholar Wang Liben said, the struggle of the United States against Huawei is actually a microcosm of the competition between the two great powers of China and the United States, and can actually be regarded as a decisive and important event of human civilization. For China, with the world's hardest working and intelligent people inside, and the most powerful consumer market in the world, the real problem lies in whether its own leadership has the confidence and vision to constantly optimize its own government system, and is willing to continue to release the vitality of the people, so that China's potential can be maximized. "After all, since ancient times, China's problems have occurred from within, and no external enemy can really bring China down."

From PUBG to Jedi Strikes Back Why Huawei?

Huawei's Amazing Journey Is Not Finished, and the Sino-US technology war has advanced further

The new boom of Huawei Mate 60 Pro has continued to this day, and it is difficult for Hong Kong to stay out of the matter. According to the reporter of "Hong Kong 01", on the evening of September 9, he went to Mong Kok Xianda Plaza to inquire about nearby merchants and found that the price of Huawei's new flagship mobile phone Mate 7 Pro ranged from 60,9 Hong Kong dollars to 480,10 Hong Kong dollars. Some merchants pointed out that because "domestic and foreign speculation, the price cannot be low, now buy more than 500,9 can not run", the premium is more than 000,2 yuan, more expensive than the new price of the iPhone 000 Pro on the Internet, but also more expensive than the iPhone 15 Pro (14GB, 256,8 yuan).

Huawei's amazing journey of new machines is not over. On September 9, HUAWEI Mall launched two new mobile phones, Mate 8 Pro+ and folding mobile phone Mate X60, and opened for pre-order on the same day with a deposit of RMB 5,1. It is understood that after the reservation opened at 000:10 a.m., the new mobile phone was snapped up within minutes. According to industry rumors, the Mate 08 Pro+ is expected to be equipped with at least the same Kirin 60S chip as the Mate 60 series, and may even be a higher-spec Kirin 9000.

Observers believe that Huawei relies on the Mate 60 Pro to "surprise" the sanctions and blockade of the United States, although it is "more and more pressurized", but it is quite likely to incur more severe measures from the United States. Sure enough, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued a statement saying that it had launched an investigation and was working to obtain more information about the 7-nanometer chip in the mobile phone. In this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said at a regular press conference on September 9 that China opposes politicizing economic, trade and science and technology issues.

This also means that the Sino-US science and technology war has entered a new stage. At the Huawei Mate 2020 series press conference on October 10, 22, Yu Chengdong, executive director of Huawei, said "far ahead" more than 40 times, covering various aspects such as processor, screen, battery, charging, camera, and sound quality. The phrase "far ahead" was quickly popularized by mainland netizens and became an Internet pop. The appearance of Mate 14 Pro has brought "far ahead" back into the field of view of netizens. However, the century drama of the Sino-US technology game has not yet ended, and Huawei's road to "far ahead" may still be "obstructed and long".

Is there national support behind Huawei's "return to glory" road?

According to Reuters on September 9, in order to revitalize the semiconductor industry, step up the pace of catching up with competitors such as the United States, and counter a series of controls imposed by the United States on China's chip manufacturing, China will launch the third phase of the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund (also known as the "big fund"), with a planned financing scale of 5 billion yuan.

What specifications of chip does the Apple phone come with?

Apple's current iPhone uses a 4-nanometer process chip, and the upcoming flagship iPhone will use a 3-nanometer chip.

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