School girl feeds her tiffin food to beggar standing on the road

Since childhood, we are taught that we should help people. But, despite this, feelings like humanity and kindness are rarely seen in people nowadays. Many times such scenes are also seen, where people leave people trapped in trouble in front of their eyes. But the video that is now going viral on social media, in which your eyes will also be moist after seeing what a little girl did.

In this video going viral, you can see that many vehicles are seen on the road and there is a blind beggar standing on the side, near which a school girl is also standing. The girl takes out her tiffin from her bag and gives it to the beggar, which has a sandwich and then she also takes out a bottle of water from her bag and gives it to him. Not only this, she herself feeds him a sandwich with her hand and then lovingly shakes hands with him.

Watch the video:

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This video is making people emotional, because such a feeling is rarely seen in children nowadays. This video has been shared on Instagram with an account named queen_of_valley. The video has been viewed more than 2 lakh times so far. People are praising the child by commenting on the video. One user wrote - This is the real lesson of life. Another wrote- Lots of blessings to the daughter, be happy and cool. What do you have to say about this video? Please comment and let me know.