The Education University of Hong Kong recently broke the sexual assault incident at the Ocamp, and after investigation, the police arrested a 28-year-old man surnamed Yan, who is suspected of being related to five cases. It is understood that the women victims of the five cases are all students, one of whom met Yan Nan online at the end of last year, and was insulted in his private car in January, she called the police immediately, and Yan Nan was arrested for the case on July 5; The other 5 people met Yan Nan because of the orientation camp activities during the summer vacation, and were successively assaulted by Yan Nan and insulted.

It is worth noting that Yan Nan was suspected of raping an 7-year-old "group mother" when he participated in the joint school orientation camp sponsored by the Red Cross on July 22 and 23, and Yan Nan was arrested by the police on July 18 shortly after leaving the camp for indecent assault in January.

Victim A: A 22-year-old female university student who was insulted in a car

Subject A met Yan Nan through social platforms in December 2022, and received a text message from Yan Nan at 12 pm on January 1 this year, in which the other party asked her to meet and said that he would drive the subject home. Until about 12 o'clock in the morning of the next day (11th), the subject got into the passenger seat of Yan Nan's private car and fell asleep, but when she woke up, she found that she was taken to a strange place and was disrespectful by Yan Nan. The subject felt offended and expressed reluctance to push Yan Nan away, but Yan Nan did not stop, and then Yan Nan drove home and left, and the subject immediately reported the case. On July 13, the police also arrested Yan Nan on suspicion of indecent assault.

One of the subjects alleged that during the orientation camp in late July, the perpetrator raped the female subject without a condom. (Screenshot of social media)

Victim B: An 18-year-old female student suspected of being raped

Subject B, a first-year female student of the University of Education, participated in the Joint School Orientation Camp organised by the Hong Kong Red Cross Society from 7 to 22 July and served as the "Mother Organiser" of the Welcome Camp at Po Leung Kuk Jockey Club Tai Tong Resort Club, 23 Tai Tong Hill Road, Yuen Long. At about 31 a.m. on July 7, the subject and Yan Nan and another male roommate were drinking on the bed in the dormitory room, and about an hour later, the boyfriend left, Yan Nan suddenly put his hand on the "group mother", she expressed her unwillingness and resisted but to no avail, and the other party raped her. The subject reported the case after the orientation camp.

The University said the nature of the allegations was serious, and the Office of Student Affairs appealed to people familiar with the matter to provide further information to the university. (Profile picture)

Victim C: A 19-year-old female student was insulted in a car

The subject C and Yan Nan met on August 2023, 8 while attending an orientation camp held by a university game association. After the orientation camp on the same day, the subject and Yan Nan and four other participants wandered around Tai Po Waterfront Park until 22 am the next day (23rd), Yan Nan drove the subject and others home, because the subject lived the farthest away, so it was the last stop. When everyone got out of the car, the subject switched to the passenger seat, she fell asleep in the car, and when she woke up, she found the car parked in an unknown location and opened the windshield and curtains. Yan Nan originally told the subject that he wanted to take a nap, but suddenly disrespected her, and the subject immediately pushed Yan Nan away and told him to stop, and then Yan Nan drove the subject home. The subject reported the case after consideration.

Victim D was insulted and Victim E was insulted

Subject D (23 years old), subject E (18 years old) and Yan Nan met at the orientation camp held by the University Association on August 8-27. It is known to be the orientation camp organized by the University of Education's University of Education Photography Society and the Mechatronics Society, located at the Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association Leung Siu Wing Resort on Lantau South Road. And the subject D served as the mother of the orientation camp.

It is known that the shower door lock of the dormitory was faulty at that time, and the subject D had clearly informed all roommates, including Yan Nan. Unexpectedly, during the shower of the subject D, Yan Nan suddenly rushed into the bathroom and opened the shower curtain, and the subject D confronted Yan Nan, and Yan Nan left the bathroom immediately. Subject E was also insulted at the same orientation camp, while she was chatting with a friend, while Yan Nan sat on her right side and reached out to sweep her right thigh. After discussing with their friends, subject D and subject E decided to report the crime to the police.

Police detain 28-year-old man involved in sexual assault case in the orientation camp of the university The university does not comment and reiterate that the police detained a 28-year-old male for sexual assault or 4 women in an illegal place including the Ocamp sexual assault case of the university, including the Ocamp sexual assault case of the university, the Ocamp turmoil|The university announced that it will set up a task force to review the guidelines and operation mechanism of the orientation camp, and the mother of the two Ocamp groups of the university reported that she was raped and showered, both involving a 28-year-old male group member