Huawei's new 5G machine Mate 60 Pro was launched by surprise, shocking the Western world, and the world is asking: how Huawei breaks through US sanctions and blockades. The author of this article, Wang Liben, Ph.D. in History at National Taiwan University and distinguished professor at Wuzhou University in Guangxi, pointed out from the historical perspective of the competition between China and the United States, pointing out that the United States is actually the epitome of the decisive duel development of human civilization, and China has excellent internal conditions, the key is whether China can optimize the system, release the vitality of the people, and maximize its potential.

Huawei's 7-nanometer chip 5G mobile phone was born, which did shock the United States. Because on the one hand, it symbolizes that the technical blockade of the United States in the past four years, as well as various suppressions, have failed. The second aspect shows the power of China's domestic demand market, and local brands can support themselves on their own.

On September 2023, 9, Shanghai, Huawei Mate 3 Pro was fully sold, and consumers lined up on site to experience the new machine. (VCG)

Europe is already equal to no mobile phone brands, Taiwan's has long not known where to die, the Japanese only have to appreciate themselves, now can compete with Apple in the world, in addition to South Korea's Samsung (Samsung), only Chinese mainland three major brands (OPPO, Xiaomi, Huawei) remain. In particular, Huawei is the most powerful, in addition to investing a lot in innovation and research and development, the most important point is that it is also supported by China's national power. To put it simply, the development of mobile communication technology has become one of the main tasks of China's state apparatus in the past ten years. As you can imagine, the United States' treatment of Huawei is actually very wide-ranging. In addition to using the excuse that Huawei trades with North Korea and Iran, the most important point is that it cannot accept that China is constantly innovating in technology and approaching the level of the United States.

China has approached the United States in every way. In addition to the above-mentioned mobile communications, the size of the economy, naval strength, and consumption of various products, the number of college science and engineering graduates, and even some have surpassed the United States. Simply put, the struggle of the United States against Huawei is actually a microcosm of the competition between the two powers of China and the United States, or we can see the slightest.

On September 2023, 9, in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, Huawei Mate 3 series mobile phones were sold online and offline in physical stores, attracting customers to buy in stores. (VCG)

The author has said many times in the past that the competition between China and the United States is actually a decisive and important event for the entire human civilization. Because it represents a final showdown between the Western Christian maritime civilization, which has dominated the world for more than 20 years, and the ancient civilization that has once again revived on the Asian continent. The final result, although it may not be seen in the short term (estimated to be at least a generation or so 500 years), will actually dominate the direction of mankind in the next <> years. Therefore, the West, led by the United States, must be overwhelmingly suppressed; Although there are actually many internal problems, bottlenecks in development, and even contradictions in the bureaucratic system, the West still regards China as the most threatening enemy, which must be suppressed, preferably dismantled.

Huawei is just a small matter, and the failure of the US technology blockade is likely to only allow the United States to open up a new battlefield, and it is impossible to stop there. Therefore, the struggle between China and the United States is bound to continue. For China, it has the most hardworking and intelligent people in the world, and it also has the most powerful consumer market in the world, in fact, even if the United States and the West join forces to suppress it, it is not easy to be really suppressed.

China's problem lies in whether its own leadership has the confidence and vision to continuously optimize its own government system, and is willing to continue to release the vitality of the people, so that China's potential can be maximized. After all, since ancient times, China's problems have occurred from within, and no external enemy can really bring China down.

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