In the Balakan region, a joint operation was carried out by colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Border Service.

The EPA reports that a total of 9 people have been arrested during operations that planted drugs in a difficult-to-use mountain mass, searched interstate, stole and carrying illegal firearms on them.

According to the Interior Ministry's press service Shakespeare regional group, 350 chicken bush weighing about 568 pounds from a drug plantation identified locations in remote mountains, as well as large quantities of drugs, have been removed from the illicit circuit. Additionally, a total of 1 firearms, 8 patrons, and 290 hand grenades were removed, including 4 PK.

Other operations by police officers included Vüsal Omarov, who was declared an international search for a crime, and Izzat Mohamed Bouazizi, who stole computers from a children's garden in the village of Kazma in the district.

Investigations into the facts are ongoing at the Balakan District Police Department.