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"Young children and adults are most vulnerable to disease. Immunity is one of the most learning systems in our body. When a child is born, his immunity is pure. Over the years, his cells began to gain knowledge and remember how to react to a recurrence with viruses. When we are very old, our immune system has exhausted its ability to learn."

This was stated by prof. Gergana Petrova, Head of the Clinic of Pediatric Diseases at Alexandrovska Hospital.

She recommended that pregnant women indulge in pleasures, be calm and joyful. "If there is an opportunity, the best thing for the child is to be born in a normal way. Children born by C-section are statistically ill more often. If possible, the mother should not smoke during pregnancy. The longer a child is breastfed, the healthier he will be. Darlington.

Doctors report an increase in lung diseases

She recommended tempering the baby, which means maximum time for him to be in the fresh air – in a mountain, park, forest. The more often the child is in the air, the better for him. 20-22 degrees is the optimal temperature for a baby, when bathing – a little warmer.

In the words of prof. Petrova is good for mothers to offer water to the baby, and the baby will only decide whether to drink it. "If the child wants water, why deprive him," she said.