Husband and wife went to dinner, restaurant wrote such a shameful thing in the bill

A man in the United States has revealed a shocking message he received on a restaurant receipt after dinner with his wife. He posted the photo on Reddit, so that social media users could find the message themselves. The post by a Reddit user, which had a photo of a restaurant receipt with the caption "My dinner receipt had a message for me," quickly caught the attention of social media users.

A total of 6 items were included in the list in the dinner bill photo, but the last item was a drink called "You're an A***hole" which cost $15.

My dinner receipt had a message for me...
by u/KnightOfChronos in pics

Although the item seemed to have been added forcefully, it was not intentionally abandoned by any staff member.

To be honest, it was a cocktail made of gin, 20-year-old tawny, lime juice, honey, peach bitters, egg whites, brown sugar drizzle and a coupe.

"By the time the receipt came, I had completely forgotten the name of the cocktail, but it was called 'You're an A**hole, Mr Burton'. It definitely surprised me."

The Reddit post has turned into a viral thread on the platform, garnering more than 41,<> upvotes. Many users shared entertaining comments in response to the thread.

One replied, "I wish we could charge customers for being a*****s. The second agreed, saying, "I really wish the wait staff could deal with the service charge this way." I'm called a****e for free all the time."