As a little girl, Princess Elizabeth loved the jam sandwich. Chef Darren McGrady, who cooked for Queen Elizabeth II and her family members, knows a lot about the eating habits of royalty.

Queen Elizabeth II / Photo: Getty Images

In a YouTube video titled "Afternoon Tea Party at Buckingham Palace (in the Queen's Garden — or yours!)," Darren McGrady revealed which simple sandwich the Queen loved the most.

Her favorite was a jam or penny jam sandwich. "As a child, the Queen in the nursery was served pennies with jam - from then on she ate them until afternoon tea." For those looking to sample the late Queen's favourite sandwich, it's very "simple" — all you'll need is bread, jam and some oil.

"It was usually strawberry jam. We made jam at Balmoral Castle with beautiful Scottish strawberries from the gardens." In the video, Darren demonstrated how to make a delicious white bread and strawberry jam sandwich, but it can be replaced with whole grain bread and jam to your liking.

We will remind, recently we told that King Charles III likes to eat before tea.