【Hong Kong Airlines/Air Ticket Grab/Free Airfare/Surcharge】Hong Kong Airlines held a "Clip Air Ticket" event at the atrium of Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay for two consecutive days (26th and 27th) from today to give away 9,<> free one-person round-trip tickets, which is opening at <>am, which has attracted a large number of citizens to wait.

At 11 o'clock at the official "ticket pick" ticket drawing location, some citizens and family and friends grabbed the ticket together, and the three went to Bali in a group to enjoy "sun and beach", and said that the success rate of grabbing the ticket on the spot was great: "I think it's worth it for two hours, there is a free ticket."

Miss Mak, her mother and friends successfully grabbed a free ticket to Bali. Ms. Ng said that because she had traveled to Japan, she hoped to visit a new country, swim in Bali, feel the sun and beach, and then go to the resort hotel to sigh for a few days. She pointed out that she had not grabbed free tickets before, and thought that too many people on the Internet robbed them, and if she went to the scene in person, she would definitely succeed in grabbing them.

Miss Ng, a friend who went to Bali with Miss Mak, pointed out that the queue was about two hours: "I think it's worth two hours, there is a free ticket." (Photo by Huang Baoying)

Ms. Ng, a friend who went to Bali with Ms. Mak, said that she is expected to leave in January or February next year and hope to swim, enjoy food and play in the local area. She pointed to the queue for about two hours: "I think it's worth two hours, there is a free ticket." She said that she grabbed a free ticket for the first time, and thought that being there in person had a better chance of success: "The sooner the chance, the greater the chance, but the online (online) is more likely to be."

Mr. Sun, who lives in Tsing Yi District, revealed that he often grabs free tickets and finds Bali relatively attractive. (Photo by Huang Baoying)

Mr. Sun, who lives in Tsing Yi District, revealed that the first train of the subway departed from Tsing Yi District and came to the scene at about 6 to 7 o'clock to queue up. He often grabs free tickets, saying that Bali is relatively attractive to him, and although he has been there in the past, this time he mainly wants to visit the volcano attractions. He also pointed out that he had considered Japan, but because Japan usually promotes more, Bali is relatively less.

Mr. Sun, who has many practical experience, said: "There are a lot of zero mosquito promotions in the past month, and Hong Kong Airlines has (participated) three times (sending free tickets)." He believes that it is better to grab a ticket on the spot than online, because it is easier to control the time: "I am a little early, I can definitely change a ticket." The online format may be subject to the operation of the computer: "I will talk for 15 minutes, buy a ticket, pop up."

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