The Regional Centers of the Ministry of Emergency Affairs have conducted a series of civil defense courses based on "plans to complement civil defense courses with audiences for 2023."

The EPA has been informed by the FHN. Civil defense courses in the categories "Representatives of the Administrative Region" and "Commanders of Public Safety Protection Manuscripts" by the Ghana Regional Center, "Governing Body Chairmen" by the Southern Regional Center, "Intelligence and Observation Manga Commanders" by the Northern Regional Center, "Commanders of the Communications Manga" by the Mugan Regional Center, and "Commanders of Radiation and Chemical Protection Manuscripts" by the Aran Regional Center has been conducted.

The main objective of the courses was to provide education in the field of emergency protection, to teach the use of early firefighting tools and equipment, individual and collective protective equipment, and to improve the skills of the participants in the management of civilian defense forces and tools.

The courses explained the use of individual and collective safeguards, the proper preparation of prediction plans, the proper behavior of natural and technological disasters, and photographs and video clips on topics.

Partners of local structures of other FHN institutions have also been involved in the training process.

In the end, certificates have been presented to the audience who have successfully completed the courses.