The Ocean Spectrum, a large cruise ship carrying 4,500 passengers, arrived at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal at about 19 o'clock this morning (7th), and passengers disembarked one after another. At the cruise terminal taxi stand, as of 8 a.m., there were no crowds, but there were more than 20 taxis waiting for passengers for a long time, and under the "car waiting people", some taxi drivers waited for about an hour but could not successfully pick up passengers, laughing, "Next time."

In order to cope with the arrival of about 3,400 people of the Ocean Spectrum, which will mainly use public transport to visit different destinations, in addition to the original special bus route 22R to Kai Tak MTR Station (to MTR Kai Tak Station) will continue to operate, two special routes, 20R (to Tsim Sha Tsui) and 25R (to MTR Kwun Tong Station), were seen in the morning.


Taxis arriving at the cruise terminal this morning will continue to receive a cash voucher worth $50 LPG. Mr. Tse, the taxi driver, said that due to the large number of taxis "waiting for passengers" at the pier, he waited for about an hour and did not successfully pick up passengers, pointing out that the shuttle bus "grabbed passengers", and said with a smile: "Next time, even if the queue is long, it will scare me, send 50 (LPG cash coupons) to enter."

Mr. Zhao, the taxi driver, bluntly said that he was "stunned by the 50 yuan LPG cash coupon", he pointed out that after waiting for 40 minutes there were still no passengers, he thought that the number of passengers was "much less" than expected: "I will definitely enter again."

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