The large cruise ship Ocean Spectrum arrived in Hong Kong again this morning (19th), the shopping mall in Kai Tak Cruise Terminal remained deserted today, only a few restaurants were open, and a 5,000 square foot Hong Kong-style souvenir market was added to the venue yesterday, but there was no increase in the flow of people in the morning. Some German tourists bluntly said that the market products are not distinctive, and beer is twice as expensive as the local area, and they are unwilling to spend money on it; The owner of the document, who sold the paintings, admitted that he did not consider the sales situation, and thought that the market had characteristics and joined.


The Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Mall opened the Hong Kong Innovation Market yesterday, covering an area of 5,000 square feet selling local specialties. In the morning, there were not many people visiting the market, only sporadic tourists entered to wander inside, and there were traffic instructions in the underground arrivals lobby, but they were not conspicuous, and there were staff in the venue to indicate that visitors could arrive.

German tourist market goods are not featureless, saying beer is twice as expensive as the local area

Wendy, a tourist from the United Kingdom, said that her stay in Hong Kong was limited and she did not plan to take a car out of the city, so she went to the market before returning to the cruise, she said that the market goods were not very attractive, and finally only bought a refrigerator magnet sticker with Victoria Harbour printed on it, worth 30 yuan.

Paul and Elizabeth from Germany said that the trip was quite enjoyable, because they had already visited many special attractions in Hong Kong a few years ago, so they came to visit the market when they passed. Elizabeth bluntly said that there are no goods worth buying in the market for the time being, and joked that the "Paulaner" German beer sold in the market is too expensive, nearly twice as expensive as Germany.

Mr. Law, the owner of the stall selling paintings, said that the stall mainly sells self-portraits and paintings with the theme of street food, and bluntly said that he joined because the market has characteristics, and did not consider the sales situation "I want to try it, the purpose is not to make money, when the department is promoted." He also pointed out that if the market is sustainable, it wants to continue to participate.


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