The Democratic Party primary case resumed today (18th), Lee Yuxin of the Civic Party continued to testify, he mentioned a few days ago that he was resigned as the second place on Zheng Dahong's election list, Li Jin's confession explained that because he knew that the second place would not be a parliamentarian, he rejected Zheng. He later changed his mind and wanted to fight for funding as a forgotten industry, so he later signed up for the party to sign up for the Super District Council, but the party rejected his application after considering his chances of winning and funding. However , his arrest , which attracted the attention of the Civic Party , later supported his candidacy , and some high-ranking members were willing to contribute to his election funds.

Lee said he applied to the Civic Party to run for the Super District Council, but he was initially unsuccessful. (Photo by Ling Ziqi)

I want to join the Legislative Council because I want to get funding for the industry

Lee Yuk-sin was asked yesterday why he declined to be second on Cheng's election list, and a few weeks later burst into the Civic Party to register for the Super District Council, replacing Wong Wenxuan, who withdrew from the election. Lee Jin explained, "The same mentality as before is that the second department will become a member of the Legislative Council." He pointed out that the Government did not listen to the voices of District Councillors at that time, and he also wanted to seek funding for the "forgotten industries", so he wanted to run for the Legislative Council.

Talking to Tam Man Ho, he believes that the funding issue is still flexible

Lee said that before he registered, Tam Wenhao, who also belongs to the Civic Party, asked him if he was interested in running for the super-district, and Lee mentioned to Tam that his main election line was at odds with the party's position on rejecting the budget. Li said in court: "I want money, and before the party said that the law was opposed to the bill, that is, it was not asking for money." He pointed out that Tam did not respond positively, but Tam felt that Lee could continue his claim, which Lee believed implied that the position was "flexible" and an undecided issue.

Mr. Lee said he had mentioned to Tan Wenhao that his position was at odds with the party, saying that Tan thought he could continue his position. (Profile picture)

The party participating in the primary will only provide a subsidy of 7,<> yuan

In early June 2020, Lee applied to the Secretariat to participate in the party's internal recruitment mechanism to fill vacancies in the super-districts, and according to the procedure, he was required to explain his political philosophy and the financial budget of the election to the party's election strategy committee and district councilors. He estimated at the time that the primary and official elections would cost about HK$6,40 and HK$160.7 million respectively, and he hoped that the party would provide him with funding, but the party said that the primary would only provide him with <>,<> yuan.

To participate in the primary election, you need to raise 33,<> on your own

About a week later, Lee received a notice from Lai Renbiao, vice chairman of the Civic Party, that his application for election to the super-district was unsuccessful, and revealed that this was related to his chances of winning and budgeting, and that the party could not meet Li's proposed financial support, and that the primary election project could only give Li 7,33 yuan, and Li had to raise the remaining 6,7 yuan on his own. Judge Chan Hing-wai asked Lee about his income at the time, and Lee said that it mainly came from the monthly salary of 3,5 to <>,<> yuan of the part-time assistant to members of Chan Suk-chung, the monthly salary of <>,<> yuan of district councillors, and the occasional street dance performance fee.

Mo Luo is not a potential candidate at the time of the unapologetic statement

Li also pointed out that the relevant Civic Party signed the "No Regrets" statement, and he did not participate in the discussion. Judge Chan Qingwei asked, "Is it because you are too low in the party?" Lee agreed, adding that he was no longer a potential candidate at the time and therefore did not have a statement of concern.

On 2020 June 6, at 12:10 p.m., District Councillor Civic Party Lee Yuk-sin was suddenly subdued by riot police in Causeway Bay. (Photo by Zhou Lixi)

After being arrested by the police, he gained the attention of the party

On 6 June, Lee attended the 12th anniversary event in Causeway Bay as a District Councillor, but was arrested by the Police. Li was released the next day, and Lai informed him that his arrest had attracted attention within the party, and some party members and high-ranking officials decided to donate money to Li as funds for the primary election, and Li re-ran for the election. The defense presented an internal Civic Party communication group in which the message stated that " Interested people knew that Ashin had problems with election funds , so they expressed their willingness to donate to him and encourage him to reconsider his candidacy. "

Never participated in the Regional Coordination Committee

Li recalled that he did not participate in the super-regional coordination meeting, and after restarting his candidacy, he asked Lai about the calculation method of super-regional assistance, and obtained relevant documents from Lai. Lee said that in his understanding, the "35+ consensus" mentioned in the nomination form for the primary election is the coordination goal of "helping three and looking four" in the super district.

The promotional video was filmed before the National Security Law

Lee also said that he also filmed Civic Party propaganda videos during the election project, but they were all filmed before the implementation of the National Security Law, and the candidates were arranged to shoot in batches, he only received the speeches of his part, did not know what other party members would say, only saw Zheng during the filming, and he never advocated the veto of the budget at the primary election forum.

The veto-like words on leaflets have been removed since the National Security Law

Lee also pointed to a leaflet when he submitted the nomination form to Democratic Dynamics in late June, whose platform mentioned that the party promised to veto the budget, and explained that the time was short, so the party model was used. Lee printed 6,6 copies, including "key veto powers to get the government to implement the five demands," but sent less than 1,<>. Later, after the implementation of the National Security Law, Li deleted the key veto when he reprinted the leaflet, and sent all of them.

16 accused on trial. (See the figure below)


The 16 defendants were Ng Cheng Hang (44), Cheng Tat Hung (34), Yang Xueying (36), Peng Zhuoqi (28), Ho Qiming (34), Lau Wai Chung (55), Wong Bi Wan (63), Sze Tak Lai (40), Ho Kwai Lan (32), Chan Chi Chuan (50), Chow Ka Shing (25), Lam Cheuk-ting (45), Leung Kwok-hung (66), Ko Yiu-lin (51), Lee Yuk Xin (29) and Yu Wai Ming (35). The charges allege that between 2020 July 7 and 1 January 2021, the defendants conspired with others to subvert state power.

31 accused who have pleaded guilty. (See the figure below)


The 31 guilty defendants: Tai Yiu-ting, Au Nuo Xuan, Chiu Ka-yin, Chung Kam-lin, Yuen Ka-wai, Leung Hoang Wai, Tsui Zijian, Shum Zijie, Mao Mengjing, Fung Tat Chun, Liu Zefeng, Joshua Wong, Tam Man Ho, Li Ka Tat, Tam Teck Chi, Wu Zhiwei, Chu Kai-di, Zhang Kesen, Wong Ziyue, Yin Siu-kin, Kwok Ka-ki, Wu Min'er, Tam Kaibang, Liu Chin-kuang, Yang Yueqiao, Fan Guowei, Lui Chi-hang, Shum Aohui, Wang Baiyu, Lin Jingnan and Wu Jianwei.

Of the 13 defendants on quasi-bail, 10 pleaded not guilty. (See the figure below)


Primary election (35)|Ke Yaolin wants to know the degree of support Li Yuxin said that he never thought of participating in the primary election (16)|Zou Jiacheng wants to use the primary election platform to promote localism Never believe in the 3+ mythical primary election (16)|Chen Zhiquan refers to the purpose of the primary election is to win the most seats Non-veto budget primary election bill (<>)|He Guilan said that the election is only to continue the spirit of the social movement I did not think about entering the parliamentary primary election (<>)|The Democratic Association He Qiming Shide defended himself Liu Weicong did not support the five major primary election appeals (<>)|Peng Zhuoqi's propaganda used radical words Only to fight for the yellowest votes in the primary election case (<>)|The defendant began to defend himself Zheng Dahong said that he no longer agreed with the position of the Civic Party at that time, the primary election case (<>)|The prosecution and defense argued on legal principles The judge ruled that <> defendants testified that the primary election case was established (<>)|Pre-establishment Motion, Aid, Confession, Recording, New West Coordination Conference Lin Jingnan was summoned to confess to the primary election case (<>)|Zhao Jiaxian was questioned by the defense The prosecution Lie, Guo Rongkeng, and <> others were conspirators in the primary election case (<>)|Zhao Jiaxian testified Refers to the local protest faction's stepping on the boundary to make the incident out of control primary election case (<>)|See a number of candidates successively making political statements Au Nuoxuan said that he felt helpless in the primary election case (<>)|The defense revealed Ou Nuoxuan's private message Zheng Dahong before the trial Synopsis: Study the Advance and Retreat Primary Election Case (<>)|After the Coordination Meeting, the districts are now divided Zhang Kesen and others Timo Luo No Regret Statement Primary Election Case (<>)|Au Nuoxuan Testifies for the Prosecution From the Pan-Democratic Dinner to the Primary Election Forum Preliminary Election Case (<>)|The prosecution's opening statement tells the role of the <> defendants Mention the primary election and speculation