Sixty orthopedic and gallbladder doctors from Los Angeles, United States, have arrived in Arusha and started work at the Selian Referral Hospital owned by the Church and Evangelical Tanzania (KKKT) in the Northern Region.

The theme of the doctors' arrival is "Love of Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan for her people".

Speaking to reporters at Selian Hospital, the hospital's Acting Director-General, Dr. Godwin Kivuyo said the arrival, which is an invitation by President Samia Suluhu Hassan, is a relief to the hospital and all patients in the country with orthopaedic and hip diseases.

Dr Kivuyo said that 400 patients went to the hospital with bone and hip disease and that number may not be treated as they can get at least 50 treatment for the American doctors.

He said the hospital had started performing orthopaedic and hip surgery since March this year and so far 200 patients had been treated at the hospital before doctors arrived.

The director said the arrival of the doctors could help the various opportunities for local doctors.

"I thank President Samia Suluhu Hassan for inviting the doctors to come to the country for free treatment for orthopaedic and hip patients, so the heart should be sincerely congratulated." said Dr Kivuyo

Kivuyo said that in addition to making the surgery free for residents of Arusha and outside the city for knee and hip diseases, they will also be providing training to Selian Hospital doctors in surgical operations.

Director Kivuyo said that patients who will receive knee and hip surgery for the US doctors are the only ones with low capacity as they are the biggest beneficiaries.

Lazarus Nyalandu, the health coordinator and the medical coordinator, said his goal is to have the service go to all regions of the country so that orthopedic and hip patients can get the service for free.

Nyalandu said the two-week time frame for the doctors is limited but sometimes they will arrange procedures so that patients in other areas can access the care and that is all done with the blessing of President Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan.

He said the president was able to invite the doctors to come to the country for free as low-income Tanzanians cannot afford the treatment because it is expensive as the treatment of one patient who has been operated on by the doctors is $30,000.

The coordinator said that in addition to performing surgery they will also be conducting a class lesson for Seliani Hospital doctors to gain more understanding of knee and hip surgery and that is an opportunity for Tanzanian doctors at the hospital.

Nyalandu and thank the government and President Samia for the cooperation they have shown with the ELCT church guests and are also looking forward to bringing the U.S. medical professionals to perform free treatment in the country.

She said low-income mothers suffer from many diseases so the advent of these doctors in the future could help the country's largest group of mothers.

He said and urged many health stakeholders to do everything possible to ensure they bring in other foreign doctors, the goal is to help Tanzanians with various disease challenges by doing so is to get a blessing for God.