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Moon phase: last quarter, waning Moon

The Moon is in Leo until 02:15 on August 17

The tendency to ambitious plans increases, there is a desire for extravagance, extravagance and dominance. Theatrics can be observed in the actions and sometimes a note of drama is introduced.

Sometimes the back hurts more, and the heart can "move" a little. Vulnerable are vision, cardiovascular system, diaphragm and back. Radiculitis can be called. Avoid anything that strains your heart and don't overwork. Do not use solarium and sauna today. Physical forces should not be wasted in vain, as this will require a much greater expenditure of energy than usual.

Lunar calendar: 29 lunar day from 05:07 on August 15 to 06:11 on August 16

One of the hardest days of the lunar month. This is the time of the black moonless nights, when the astral fog thickens, the dark forces are activated on the astral level.

Be careful, do not succumb to illusions, deceptions and fears. It is necessary to refrain from negative emotions, it is good to forgive all insults, do not take anything inside. On this day, it is good to avoid fake connections and contacts, mass events. Don't be trusting. Doubt the facts and figures.

On this day, do not deal with anything other than ordinary and necessary household and life things. You should not start anything new, and even better not plan anything and not make important decisions. In general, try to deal only with the most necessary.

Avoid travel if possible because there is a possibility of accidents and unforeseen dangers. Don't make big purchases. By investing money, you risk everything to go to waste. Purchased items can be useless and unnecessary.

It is recommended to cleanse the slags and the physical body too. Milk food is good to avoid meat. Constant protection is needed – through prayer, purification. Avoid muddy water and dark places. Do not carry horn and bone products in you.

Relations on this day are tense, avoid clarifying them, getting into disputes and conflicts. It is best for everyone in the family to engage in useful affairs. Strive for good deeds. With the rising generation, be careful, as they are now very labile. It's hard to control them. Problems can also occur with older people.

It is good to give up any kind of sex. Intimate relationships often lead to disputes, insults and sexual illnesses.

A haircut on this day increases self-confidence. It is desirable quite short to trim those who are tired of the usual way of life and plan major changes for the future. Refresh your hair so that it can work for you.

It is advisable to be bright everywhere. In addition to electricity, it is good to have lit candles and incense, to illuminate every dark corner.