August 12 and 13 are days that will require maximum energy from a person: it will be needed both for communication and for active actions, so it is advisable to think in advance about how to stock up on it. Who will be lucky at this time?

Saturday, August 12, is a day of quarrels and conflicts that can not only negatively affect mood, but also take away strength – both moral and physical. And it is better to spend them on solving important issues – if not professional, personal or household. Today it is better to refuse shopping, which is quite logical on a day off, – all purchased things will be with a hidden defect, and products – spoiled, although at first glance this cannot be said. You should not take on too much, even if it is only about business matters – it is easy to tear yourself up, without doing anything at the same time. Sunday, August 13, is a time favorable for important matters and serious achievements. Of course, it is better when this lunar day falls on a weekday, but for the sake of the most favorable conditions for the implementation of important professional projects, you can sacrifice a day off. For those who do not dare to do this, the stars recommend making plans for the future – they will be promising and easy to implement.

Aries (21.03 – 20.04)

Aries, despite the weekend, the stars promise financial success. Of course, for each representative of the sign, it is lost in its own way: one will return a long-standing debt, others will be paid for the work done, and the third will make a valuable gift. In any case, it is important not to spend everything at once, but to let the money rest quietly at home for at least a few days, in which case it will be possible to save it for a serious and really important purchase, otherwise they will go into trifles.

Cancer (22.06 – 22.07)

Cancers – especially those who find themselves in a confusing position – will figure out over the weekend how to solve the problem. In addition, for this they will not have to wrestle – everything will happen as if by itself, it will seem that a wise decision – in the literal sense of the word – will bring the wind. Of course, in reality this is not the case: most likely, such a conclusion will give a subconscious mind that worked imperceptibly for the person himself, choosing one of hundreds of options, the only correct one is worth taking it into account.

Leo (23.07 – 21.08)

Lions need to pay attention to the ideas that come to their mind these days: they will turn out to be promising not only professionally, but also financially. The main thing to pay attention to them is a high risk of considering your creative thoughts just a game of imagination, although in fact they are quite real and practically feasible. The best thing representatives of a sign can do is to capture their idea – or ideas – in a computer or paper, then they can develop them later.

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