On August 13, a test will be conducted on duty groups affiliated with administrative executive (Type B) positions in public service.

The EPA has been informed by the DIM.

It has been reported that on August 13, a public service admission examination will be conducted in accordance with BA and BB groups of administrative responsibilities in public service.

The examination begins at 10:00 a.m. and lasts for three hours. Candidates who arrive after 3:09 p.m. are not allowed to take the test.

The exam building must be arriving at the time stipended on the graduation card. It is forbidden to bring mobile phones and other communications equipment, electronic devices, calculators, electronic data carriers, books, books, magazines, concepts, information books, dictionaries, charts, bags, and other auxiliary tools. We ask participants not to bring any additional items to the exam facility. All of this prevents the release regime from effectively organizing the work and completing it on time.

To participate in the examination, registered candidates must print the Examination Card by visiting the DIM's website. In addition to the graduation card, they are presented with the "Memory Book of Namizad." Here are important recommendations to candidates about the testing process, the rules they must follow and other essential information.

Candidates must bring the following documents to the test:

  • the authenticity of the document confirming the identity;

  • "Examination Card."

The examination will be organized in eight buildings in Baku through paper carriers. A total of 8,474 candidates were registered in the BA group, 1556, BB group 2030. Eight general examination leaders, 8 examination leaders, 24 supervisors, and 187 graduation regime partners have been allocated for the examination.