The leopard's little cub came very close to the photographer.

If an animal wanders in the forest or goes out of its world, then it finds itself surrounded by many dangers and sometimes it becomes difficult to save their lives, but there are some good-hearted people and institutions who are trying to save these animals and return them to their world. One such organisation, Wildlife TrustofIndia, has rescued two orphaned clouded leopard cubs and is now trying to make them wild again. Wildlife filmmaker Sandesh Kadur shared the video of these leopard cubs on social media.

Watch the video here:

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"While working in the far northeast of India, I came across the story of these two orphaned clouded leopard cubs who were rescued by my veterinary friends in @wildlifetrustofindia and were in the process of being re-wilded. He saw the close connection between these cubs and the people who rescued them, watched them grow and then returned to their homes.

"This is not an easy endeavor and is only something that can be accomplished by spending time with the cubs, raising them and making them wild again," he wrote. One user wrote, 'This is a reward job', while another wrote, 'Here it can be seen, whether the cat is a small or big cat'.

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