Within 1 month, the increased fat of your arms will start decreasing rapidly.

Arms fat reduction tips: Do you also hesitate to wear a beautiful spaghetti top or sleeveless dress due to increased arm fat? So now you need to think about reducing it instead of hesitant and upset. Here we are giving you tips suggested by fitness experts, which can be very useful for you. Today we are going to tell you an exercise to tone the loose arm and reduce fat, by doing which the increased fat of your arms will start decreasing rapidly within 1 month.

Fitness trainer Neha has shared a video on her Instagram and told that people who have lost their arm due to fat, so let's know about them-

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Arm Circle

You have to do the first exercise arm circle. In this, you have to spread both arms in line with the shoulder, then rotate them round and round clockwise and anti-clockwise. You have to do this for 30-30 seconds.

Butterfly stretch

In this, you have to bend your knees, bend the waist, then you have to fold both hands with elbows and stretch backwards. You have to do this exercise for 1 minute.

Wing Fly

In this, both legs have to be closed together and the hip has to be pushed. Then fly both hands backwards. You also have to do this for 1 minute. You have to do these three exercises for 1-1 minute and regular, only then you will be able to tone your arm.

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