If you have sleep problems, then balasana should be done before going to bed.

Yogasana for need: If you keep changing the posture in bed all night, feel difficulty in sleeping, then you need to make some improvements in your routine. Today we are going to tell you about some yogasanas in this article that you should do before going to bedtime. By doing these yoga posture tips, you will get good sleep tips when you go to bed.

Yoga Postures for Sleep | Best Posture for Sleep

- If you have sleep problems, then you should do Balasana before going to bed. This will not only make you sleep well, but the stomach will be strong, which will improve digestive power. This relaxes the muscles, which makes you sleepy in minutes.

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At the same time, you can also do Janu Shirshasana. This asana is done by bending forward on the hips. During this time, the head is touched to the knee or beyond. This allows the shoulder, spine, hamstring, neck, abdominal muscles to stretch well, which gives you a good sleep. So you can also do this asana. It calms the mind and reduces the anxiety level.

- Lack of sleep after going to bed has become common. The trick we are going to tell about is adopted by the soldiers. All you have to do is lie down on the bed and leave your entire body completely relaxed and keep the fingers loose too. After this, you will feel a sensation from your head to your feet. This feeling will work to bring you sleep in a pinch.

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