The Hong Kong Federation of Taxi & Minibus Merchants requested the Transport and Logistics Bureau to arrange a meeting as soon as possible to discuss further measures to combat "white plate cars" to maintain the operating space of the taxi industry and attract taxi drivers to enter the industry, including requiring amendments to severely punish platforms for illegal rental or remuneration of passenger vehicle platforms, simplifying the licensing system, coordinating taxi premium arrangements and assisting the industry to set up a general taxi procedure to provide ride-hailing services. The Chamber of Commerce said that if the Transport Bureau ignored the demand, it would launch a campaign of 500 to 1,000 suspended taxis in silent protest.

â–¼June 6 Hong Kong Taxi & Minibus Association petitioned the Transport Departmentâ–¼

The Hong Kong Taxi & Minibus Association believes that the government's repeated appeasement of operating illegal rental or remuneration passenger vehicle platforms has caused the taxi industry to face unprecedented disasters in a century, with the taxi industry seriously shrinking and business declining, and some drivers switching to illegal passenger transport for remuneration.

The Chamber of Commerce also mentioned that the current process of obtaining a taxi license is complicated, the threshold is high, and the test questions are backward under the development of science and technology; On the contrary, white-plate drivers do not need to take the test, and the situation is not fair. The Chamber added that the Government is recently tightening the medical certification requirements for driving licence applicants or holders, including the annual inspection of commercial vehicle drivers aged 65 or above, which has further aggravated the shortage of manpower in the industry.

The Chamber of Commerce requested a meeting with the Transport Bureau to propose amendments to severely punish platforms for illegally renting or rewarding passenger vehicles, and to simplify the licensing system, such as introducing the Global Positioning System (GPS) to assist in route lockdown, so as to avoid the recent complaint by Director of Transport Law Shuk Pei about the "black road" problem; The Government is also required to coordinate insurance premiums and assist the industry in establishing a general taxi procedure to provide affordable ride-hailing services.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, if the Transport Bureau refuses or ignores the Chamber's demands, it will launch a taxi shutdown operation, involving 500 to 1,000 taxis, in silent protest.

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