The Mbogwe District Council in Geita region has successfully administered vitamin A drops to 55,928 of 56,442 children, which is 99 percent successful, as part of the stunting control.

Mbogwe District Council Nutrition Officer Norah Massawe made the statement to the leaders of the 2023 National Freedom torch race when they visited the village dispensary and Ilolanguru County.

The data is from July 2022 to June 2023, when children targeted are aged between six and 59 months to eliminate stunting, underweight and obesity.

Norah added that 93,151 mothers and caregivers have also been provided with breastfeeding, supplemental food preparation and feeding for babies as young as six months.

She said they have put emphasis on mothers to start breastfeeding early within the first hour of giving birth and breastfeeding only within six months.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in 2018, Geita Region is experiencing stunting by 38.6%, underweight 16.2% and 2.8% obesity.

He said the council had strengthened the release of iron pills to prevent the birth of children with large and small heads, open backs, rabbit mouths, and low weight.

The leader of the 2023 national freedom torch race, Abdallah Shaib Kaim has urged parents and guardians to adhere to the best food delivery procedures based on all food groups for children.

He said this would help to implement a campaign to tackle stunting, underweight and obesity in children and increase the number of healthy and stable children.