The circumstances of our lives are constantly changing, sometimes raising us to the top of success, then lowering us to a bad mood and, as it seems to us, hopelessness. But is it worth despairing if we can become darlings of fate at any time! What zodiac sign is lucky today – August 4?

The energies of the day are such that you need to be attentive and careful – recklessness and carelessness can be expensive. No one should – even if we are talking about close people – take their word for it, this is the case when it is worth adhering to the principle of "trust, but verify". Fears should trigger any new – untested – ideas and suggestions, as they may turn out to be an illusion, deception or a mistake. It is undesirable to make promises, even if they relate to going with a child to a café to eat ice cream – for some reason it will not be possible to keep your word.

Scorpio (24.10 – 22.11)

Scorpios may face envy from someone in their environment – perhaps loved ones, but despite the negative emotions that this will cause them, the stars claim that what happened is not a reason for grief, but for pride. If the representatives of the sign are envious – regardless of whether it concerns their professional activities or personal lives – then they have reached a position that the rest can only dream of.

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