Today, August 3, it is undesirable for representatives of all signs of the zodiac to take on faith the words of the environment, but three of them should not be trusted even by close people.

Gemini (22.05 – 21.06)

Gemini is not the most trusting sign of the zodiacal circle: they always suspect something even those who, allegedly, have never deceived them. But today, unfortunately, they will have good reasons for this. It seems that the closest person decided to hide something from them, and the fact that she did it with the best of intentions is unlikely to reassure the representatives of the sign, but you should not destroy your relationship because of this incident.

Cancer (22.06 – 22.07)

Cancers are completely devoid of criticism towards loved ones: their lovers – like Caesar's wife – are beyond suspicion for them. It is this – blind – trust that can play a cruel joke with the representatives of the sign: a person in whom they do not doubt can try to hide something from them or, even worse, deceive them. Therefore, it is desirable to act on the principle of "trust, but verify" - so they will be calmer.

Aquarius (21.01 – 18.02)

Aquarians often allow you to deceive loved ones, but their dishonesty is extremely negative: the double standards that representatives of the sign love so much apply to all areas of their lives. Therefore, today's lies, which they hear from a loved one, will make them mad: how could he encroach on what is their undivided right?! Maybe you shouldn't get so excited?

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