The Minister of Culture Krastyu Krastev Krastyu Krastevwas born on 25.11.1956 in Pazardzhik. On June 6, 2023, Angela Rodel was elected Minister of Culture with the "Contribution to the Development of Culture" award.

The prestigious award of the institution is given to Mrs. Rodel for her contribution to the popularization of Bulgarian culture and in connection with the translation of Georgi Gospodinov's novel "Time of Asylum", for which together with the famous Bulgarian author she won the prestigious international literary prize "Booker". Upon receiving the award, Ms. Rodel thanked Minister Krastev warmly with the words: "Bulgarian culture has done so much for me!".

The short ceremony was held at the Ministry of Culture and was a surprise to Ms. Rodel during a working meeting where she attended in her capacity as Executive Director of the Fulbright – Bulgaria Commission, together with Ivan Vassilev, Chairman of the Bilateral Bulgarian-American Commission for the Preservation of Bulgaria's Cultural Heritage at the Fulbright Commission. During the meeting, Mrs. Rodel and Mr. Vassilev introduced the management team of the Ministry to the activities of the organization, which has been contributing to the educational and cultural exchange between Bulgaria and the United States for 30 years. The opportunities for cooperation and joint work on the problems of movable cultural heritage were confirmed.

The novel "Refuge Time" by the writer Georgi Gospodinov won this year's international Booker Award

Ms. Rodel expressed her readiness for the Fulbright Commission to assist in increasing the capacity of Bulgarian officials in this field. For this purpose, special trainings will be organized, during which foreign experts will share the world experience in this field, and the main focus of the trainings will be the activity of preserving sites in Bulgaria that are world cultural heritage - their conservation and restoration.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Ministers of Culture Victor Stoyanov and arch. Chavdar Georgiev.

Angela Rodel is a translator, actress and musician. She was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He studied linguistics at Yale University. There she joined a women's choir and for the first time heard Bulgarian folk music. She began to collect recordings of folk songs, thus learning our own language. After graduating in the United States, he enrolled in Bulgarian Philology in Sofia. Angela Rodel also translates books by a number of Bulgarian authors - Angel Igov, Virginia Zaharieva, Milen Ruskov, Zahari Karabashliev, Ivaylo Petrov. Her first translated Bulgarian book is "Party House" by Georgi Tenev. Translations by Georgi Markov, Georgi Gospodinov, Vera Mutafchieva followed. He has won awards, including the 2016 National Translation Award from the American Literary Translators Association.

In 2014, Angela Rodel received Bulgarian citizenship for her translation work and contribution to Bulgarian culture. Thanks to her, Georgi Gospodinov's work is also known in the US – his novel "The Physics of Sadness" is on the short list of nominations for the oldest translation award in the United States - the Association of Translators.

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