The Tourism Authority (HKIA) has abruptly introduced a new measure requiring Mainland delegations visiting Kowloon City to shop in the same district not to eat in the same district on the same day, which has been criticized for being overbearing and overkill. The Director-General of the Tourism Promotion Council, Mr Chui Ting-bang, said today (2 December) that the tourism authority's crowd management measures have not affected the operation of travel agencies and tourists' intention to visit Hong Kong, as the mode of visitors' visit to Hong Kong has changed, and they have begun to switch to in-depth tours.

The Tourism Supervision Bureau's measures to restrict the flow of people eating in the same area of tour groups have been criticized as overbearing and overkill. After attending the traffic safety event, Chui Tingbang Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower responded that the measures of the HKTA would not have much impact on the operation of travel agencies and visitors' intention to visit Hong Kong, explaining that visitors currently appreciate Hong Kong's customs and urban connotations the most.

Travellers no longer "eat and buy"

Financial Secretary Paul Mao recently quoted the industry as saying that the mode of mainland tourists coming to Hong Kong has changed, and Chui Tingbang agreed, saying that at present, tourists are pursuing in-depth experience of Hong Kong and tourists are moving towards maturity. For example, he pointed out that he also led a tour group to participate in this traffic safety activity today, hoping that the tourists concerned would come back to Hong Kong with their families and friends in winter to arrange their own itinerary to explore Hong Kong.

Chui Dingbang mentioned that before the epidemic, there were social voices pointing out whether tourists could no longer come to Hong Kong to "eat and buy and play simply", and the government has not stopped promoting Hong Kong to the mainland during the epidemic in the past three years, such as the music program "Hong Kong Music Festival" which has been well received by mainland tourists, thus enabling them to deeply understand the historical connotation of Hong Kong. He also pointed out that many tourists "checked in" at the clock tower, bluntly saying that "there were rare pictures in the past, everyone entered the Harbour City", and then put the photos on the Little Red Book to continuously circulate, which shows that the itinerary of mainland tourists visiting Hong Kong has changed.

During the pandemic, the Government promoted to tourists: re-understanding Hong Kong

Chui added that although there was a slight decline in the time spent on "food and play", they continued to pursue in-depth experience. He pointed out that the successful promotion of the tourism industry and the Government in the past three years has enabled tourists to re-understand Hong Kong, which has had a positive impact on retail and transportation, such as tourists taking more taxis to go to more places, which is also the development direction pursued by the tourism industry.

When asked whether the travel agency business will be diluted by the free travel of tourists, Cui pointed out that the tour group business needs to be constantly transformed, the pursuit of high passenger volume mode is a thing of the past, and there is confidence to return to the pre-epidemic tourist volume in the next one or two years. He also pointed out that the number of group travelers has declined since 2015, and travel agents need to continue to change their itinerary and make appropriate changes according to travellers' requests. At present, the Government has been investing resources to allow travel agencies to operate in-depth historical and cultural tours.
He also said that the itinerary can extend the visiting time of tourists, and he hopes to spread out their visits to various places in Hong Kong, so as to increase their consumption in Hong Kong.

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Police publicize traffic safety for two weeks, emphasizing equal law enforcement

Today, as part of the Police's traffic safety publicity campaign, police officers and the Children's Traffic Safety Unit distributed leaflets and souvenirs to the public in the area of the clock tower in Tsim Sha Tsui to educate the public on safety awareness such as crossing the road carefully.

Acting Chief Inspector Chow Lap-kee, Traffic (Support) West Kowloon, said that from August, the Police would conduct a two-week traffic safety publicity campaign to remind drivers to drive safely and pedestrians to be careful when crossing the road, adding that law enforcement is not the ultimate goal, but the most important thing is public safety.

In the first half of the year, most traffic accidents involved pedestrians

Chow also pointed out that since the slowdown of the epidemic in 2023, the society has begun to return to normal, which has led to an increase in the number of visitors and the number of trips, which has also led to an increase in traffic accidents in Hong Kong. He stressed that no law enforcement will be directed against anyone's background, whether tourists or not, as long as the law is violated. He also mentioned that pedestrians accounted for the majority of traffic accidents in the first half of the year, for example, when pedestrians "take pictures", drivers with blind spots in driving are prone to accidents, and urged the public to use nearby pedestrian crossing facilities, and reminded pedestrians around them not to "run red lights".

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