The trial of the pro-democracy primary election was resumed at the West Kowloon Court (Provisional High Court), and former Legislative Council member Chan Chi-chuen, known as a slow one, began to be cross-examined by the prosecution today (2nd). He believes that the ultimate goal of the primary election is only to obtain the most seats in the Legislative Council, which can do a lot more, because if the establishment has less than 35 members and the pro-democracy members are not present en masse, the meeting will not be held, so the government must consult with the democrats. However, Chen said that his mentality is: "Pick first, first-come... When it comes to falling into the water, it's all about it." It was also considered that the rejection of the budget was a long way off.

Tai Yaoting once said at a press conference that the pro-democracy 35+ would be a constitutional weapon of mass destruction, but Chen Zhiquan said he did not have this concept. (Profile picture)

There is no concept of a constitutional weapon of mass destruction

Questioned by the prosecution, Mr Chan said that during a press conference for the primary election in March 2020, Mr Tai said, "The legislature can pass half... Turning into a constitutional weapon of mass destruction... The prosecution asked Chan if he knew at the time that the goal of the primary election was to obtain constitutional weapons, including the veto of the budget. Chan believes that the goal of the primary election is for the democrats to get the most seats in the Legislative Council, and if they can get more than half of the legislature, he will "do a lot." His veto of the budget is one of those powers, but he has no concept of a constitutional weapon of mass destruction.

The ultimate goal of the primary election is to get the most seats

Chen stressed that he did not agree with the veto from the beginning to the purpose of the primary election, and he believed that the ultimate purpose of the primary election was to let the democrats win the most seats and put pressure on the government to respond to the five major demands. If the democrats win 35 seats, the government will need to prepare to consult with the democrats at the moment of the vote. As for the rejection of the budget, Chan said, "Fasten the distance." The mentality is, "First served... When it comes to falling into the water, it's all about it."

Chen Zhiquan said that if the democrats get 35+ and all are absent, the meeting will not be held. (Profile photo/Photo by Leung Pengwei)

If the democrats do not attend the meeting, it will not be possible

Asked by Justice Chan Chung-hang whether he considered that the veto of the budget was the greatest power among the powers conferred on members of the Legislative Council by the Basic Law, Chan pointed out that it was conceptually correct but not operationally. If the pro-democracy faction gains 35+, the problem facing the government is that the pro-establishment members of the government have fewer than 35 seats in the Legislative Council. If there are no pro-democracy parliamentarians, there will not even be enough people to meet at that time, and the meeting will not be completed. As for the budget submitted to the Legislative Council for deliberation in April, I read both the first and second readings.

Summing up Chan's evidence, Judge Chan Hing-wai said that there would be less than 35 people meeting at that time, let alone rejecting the budget, and Chan Chi Chuan responded: "I don't know if I will be able to meet on the first day".

16 accused on trial. (See the figure below)


The 16 defendants were Ng Cheng Hang (44), Cheng Tat Hung (34), Yang Xueying (36), Peng Zhuoqi (28), Ho Qiming (34), Lau Wai Chung (55), Wong Bi Wan (63), Sze Tak Lai (40), Ho Kwai Lan (32), Chan Chi Chuan (50), Chow Ka Shing (25), Lam Cheuk-ting (45), Leung Kwok-hung (66), Ko Yiu-lin (51), Lee Yuk Xin (29) and Yu Wai Ming (35). The charges allege that between 2020 July 7 and 1 January 2021, the defendants conspired with others to subvert state power.

31 accused who have pleaded guilty. (See the figure below)


The 31 guilty defendants: Tai Yiu-ting, Au Nuo Xuan, Chiu Ka-yin, Chung Kam-lin, Yuen Ka-wai, Leung Hoang Wai, Tsui Zijian, Shum Zijie, Mao Mengjing, Fung Tat Chun, Liu Zefeng, Joshua Wong, Tam Man Ho, Li Ka Tat, Tam Teck Chi, Wu Zhiwei, Chu Kai-di, Zhang Kesen, Wong Ziyue, Yin Siu-kin, Kwok Ka-ki, Wu Min'er, Tam Kaibang, Liu Chin-kuang, Yang Yueqiao, Fan Guowei, Lui Chi-hang, Shum Aohui, Wang Baiyu, Lin Jingnan and Wu Jianwei.

Of the 13 defendants on quasi-bail, 10 pleaded not guilty. (See the figure below)


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