A private car crashed into the west block of the Central Legal Centre earlier in a traffic accident. Several people in the car fled, after which a 23-year-old Indian returned to the scene, reporting that he was the driver who caused the accident. After investigation, the Police found that someone was suspected of conspiracy to "top bags", and the 25-year-old Indian Han, suspected to be the driver of the accident, was charged with three counts of dangerous driving, criminal destruction and obstruction of justice, and was arraigned at the Eastern District Court today (3). He is not required to reply for the time being. The Magistrate adjourned the case until 2 September pending further investigation by the Police. The defendant's application for bail was refused and remanded in custody.

The defendant, Singh Zi Long (25, an Indian national), charged with dangerous driving and criminal damage, alleged that he dangerously drove a private car on a road on 2023 July 7 outside the West Wing of the Legal Centre, 28 Lower Abbey Road, Hong Kong; and damaging a pavement sign belonging to the Hong Kong Government and a cement fence of about 18cm by 50cm without lawful excuse with intent to damage the property or disregard whether the property will be damaged.

After the private car crashed into the Legal Centre, the Secretary for Justice, Mr Lam Ting-kwok, also stepped out of the office to check the situation.


The investigation involved misleading police officers

He was also charged with one count of conspiracy to obstruct the administration of justice by deliberately misleading the direction of the investigation while investigating a suspected dangerous driving case at the Hong Kong Police Force on the same day and place, so as to convince the Police that Singh Ziyang was the driver of the vehicle involved that day and committed the above offence, but he was not the driver of the vehicle and did not commit the above offence.

3. Han had earlier been charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice

Three defendants were also involved in the same case, namely Singh Ziyang (3, Indian, engineer), Jan Mafu (23, Pakistani, transport worker) and DHILLON Jaskirat Singh (22, Indian, transport worker). The case was recently arraigned in the Eastern District Court on charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice, and according to the Judiciary's website, the next hearing is scheduled for September 21.

Case numbers: ESCC1640, 1656/2023

Police evidence collection. (See the figure below)


Car collision with the Legal Center|O Ji detained a total of 4 South Asian Han Preliminary accident, not premeditated It is not ruled out that the roof chartered car crashed into the Legal Center|Crashed into a first-class historical building The Heritage Office provided maintenance advice, the car hit the Legal Center|Indian male driver arrested 2 to 3 people at large O Ji follow-up investigation whether a private car was deliberately rushed into the Legal Center|South Asian driver was involved in criminal destruction and dangerous driving arrested The police explained the case in the afternoon, the private car crashed into the Central Legal Center, 3 people abandoned the car and left Oji arrived at the scene for investigation