The latest issue of "Alert" was published today (1238nd), and this issue is a visit to Professor Yeung Wai Kwok of the Faculty of Medicine of HKU, who has just been replaced. He had already intended to join the Force as early as university, but for various reasons he did not try, until he reached middle age, when the epidemic lockdown made him no longer have to work often, and the auxiliary police force went to HKU to recruit members, and finally decided to apply for the examination to fulfill his dream, and graduated first in his class and won the Silver Flute Award.

Auxiliary Police Yang Wai Kwok successfully arrested the suspect the day after his departure, when he reported that a taxi had been criminally damaged and the driver had been beaten, and at the same time witnessed an oncoming man with his hands cut, and immediately inferred that it was related to the case. Although he is a professor on the job, he believes that when he is on duty, it is like experiencing a second life.

Yang Weiguo graduated with the first place in the class and won the Silver Flute Award. (Photo of "Alarm")

Strive to improve shooting accuracy The first place in the class graduated and won the Silver Flute Award

At present, there are about 3,200 auxiliary police officers in Hong Kong, with members from all walks of life. Yeung Wai-kwok, Department of Orthopaedic and Traumatic Surgery, School of Clinical Medicine, HKU Faculty of Medicine, was dispatched at the end of March this year. He said that he had already intended to join the police when he was in college, but due to various reasons, he did not try it until last year, when he assisted the auxiliary police to HKU recruitment as a house supervisor, and with the encouragement of his wife and auxiliary police officers, he finally decided to apply for the examination in his 3s.

For Yang Weiguo, who often needs to go out on business, the biggest obstacle to becoming an auxiliary police officer is 370 hours of basic training. However, it just so happened that the epidemic was not over last year, allowing him to take time to participate in training. After changing his status from professor to student, his hard work spirit remained unchanged, and his shooting results were even better, but he still consulted with instructors and classmates to improve his standard, and finally graduated first in the class and won the Silver Flute Award.

Glimpses of a cut in the suspect's hands are inferred to be related to the case

Mr Yeung was then assigned to the Central District Military Patrol Unit, and the next day while patrolling the junction of Wellington Street and Dejili Street, he received reports of criminal damage to taxis and beatings of drivers. At the same time, he witnessed a man about 30 years old running towards him, and for a moment he caught a glimpse of the cut marks on the man's hands, or because of the medical professor's tactile sense, he immediately deduced that the man was related to the case.

After interception and cross-examination, the man admitted to involvement in the case and was immediately arrested. Yang Weiguo still remembers the case vividly. "After the day changed, my mood did not calm down for a long time, and when I returned home in the morning, I was even more excited to wake up my wife immediately and share with her the law enforcement experience I had learned."

Mr Yeung also described it as "invaluable" to experience a second life when performing his duties as an auxiliary police officer, such as being able to reach out to all strata of society when dealing with different cases. He appealed to members of the public who aspire to serve the community to consider joining the Auxiliary Police as an important step towards safeguarding Hong Kong.

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