Today, July 31, representatives of all signs of the zodiac can make unexpected discoveries about loved ones, but for three of them they will become unpleasant.

Reverent Cancers (22.06 – 22.07), for whom family and loved ones are the most important life value, are extremely painful about any negativity on their part. That is why today, having learned that someone from the family is hiding something important from the representatives of the sign, they will perceive this behavior of theirs as a betrayal. Their reaction – tears and tantrums – will not keep you waiting long, but perhaps you should not waste your nerves – you still have to put up.

Sociable and friendly Sagittarius (23.11 – 21.12) often trust those whom they consider friends, and rely on them unconditionally, so any betrayal on their part is perceived as a tragedy. But we must pay tribute to the representatives of the sign: quickly falling into despair, they just as quickly come to their senses, forgiving a foe who pretends to be a friend, but most often permanently erasing him from his life.

Creative and creative Aquarians (21.01 – 18.02) often share ideas they want to implement with people from their environment, and then are surprised that more agile colleagues do it earlier than themselves. Today, something similar may well happen to the representatives of the sign, but instead of being indignant and suffering, the stars recommend that they draw conclusions and chat less about unrealized projects.

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