Evgeni Genchev finally spoke together with the winner of the eponymous show Valeria. Recently, the network is bubbling with gossip that the reality couple has split and there will be no wedding.

Because their relationship is for the camera. And under contract, they have to demonstrate that they are together for a while.

"They write what they want. I'm still with Valeria. There is no contractual relationship that will keep me with her, "admitted until recently the most desirable TV bachelor Evgeni on bTV.

The truth about Evgeni and Valeria

"It's complicated, but we manage to share the calendar. It is between Pleven and Sofia, and I Sofia - Plovdiv. We travel constantly. We're at events together. We find time, we adapt the schedule, we find time for each other," he added, asked if they manage to find, and how, time for each other given the many commitments and trips. A few days ago Evgeni Genchev returned from France after having a concert in Nice.

Regarding the new bachelor, who is yet to reveal himself to Bulgarian viewers, Evgeni Genchev said:

"I would advise the new bachelor to be at any moment, to use the little time he has. And be honest with the girls. It's the most mature and honest thing you can do. It's busy there, it's hard, people don't realize it. But you can't, there's a tough schedule, but you can't distance yourself from it. You have to experience the special moments with each girl, to give them the opportunity to reveal themselves to you."

The Bachelor