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The moon is in Sagittarius from 03:25h to 06:45h on July 30th

This period is full of optimism. People are now more generous, generous, determined. Social and social life is intensifying. Restrictions are hard to bear. A good position to travel and study life. There may be a desire to have fun and an attraction to the good life. These days are very suitable for going to church: for confession, baptism, prayers, etc. For others, this is the time to look for a spiritual guide, spiritual training, to seek their way.

Vulnerable are the liver, hips, pelvic area, circulatory system, bile.

Lunar calendar: lasts 11 lunar day until 17:06

The lunar energy merges with the forces of the Earth on this day in one whole and gives a person a lot of energy. Manage and use wisely the influx of energy forces so as not to harm yourself. A day when caution and attention are needed in carrying out any affairs. Everything that began on this day must necessarily be brought to completion. You should not overload yourself.

Redirect your energy to constructive practical activities. Passivity is not recommended, but overloading yourself is inappropriate. The energy of this lunar day is not only active but also aggressive and must be directed into creative practical activity. Do not engage in risky activities. Care must be taken not to do frivolous things. Everything should be done with great care. The most important thing now is the maximum concentration on the spiritual realm.

If a disease occurs on the 11th lunar day, it is a signal that you do not love your body enough. Diseases in this period for men are insignificant, and in women can lead to complications. It is useful to walk long distances.

This lunar day is considered a day of forgiveness of sins and an increase in valor. The energy of the day is such that everything that is done or thought increases energetically many times and returns to us after a certain time. Therefore, we must pay special attention to everything. It is recommended to increase spiritual activity. The information we receive on this day remains in our subconscious for a long time.

Next is the 12th lunar day from 17:06h on July 28th to 18:19pm on July 29th

A day of love, mercy and compassion. The time when wisdom can be attained, hidden knowledge can be obtained, and information drawn from higher powers. The day was created only for inner spiritual work.

Physical exertion is less. Suitable activities: stretching, yoga, qigong. Vulnerable organs are the heart and cardiovascular system. Give these authorities sufficient attention.

It is good for bodily pleasures to take a back seat. If you do take intimacy, then sex should be as spiritual as possible. It is not so much technical skills that are important as having more love, tenderness, kindness and understanding.

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