Today, July 27, representatives of all signs of the zodiac need to be careful about any acquaintances, but three of them are better off refusing to communicate with new people at all.

Restrained and, to tell the truth, cool Virgos (22.08 – 23.09) show vivid emotions when it comes to business and – especially – financial issues. Today, they may well think that they have met someone who will help them implement important professional – and monetary – projects. Unfortunately, the impression of a new acquaintance is likely to be deceptive, so you should not trust him.

Suspicious Scorpios (24.10 – 22.11), as a rule, are not very willing to get acquainted – they feel comfortable in the circle they already have. But today, contrary to their rules, representatives of the sign can succumb to the charms of a stranger who wants to get close to them. But her intentions will not be the most noble, so it is better to refuse acquaintance - at least a close one.

Romantic and, at the same time, practical Pisces (19.02 – 20.03) lose all their business qualities when a person appears on the horizon who, as it seems to them, can become the hero of their novel - of course, love. However, on this day, intuition, which usually tells the representatives of the sign the right decision, may be mistaken, and therefore, they risk choosing the wrong person from new acquaintances.

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