The moon is in Scorpio until 03:25 on July 28

A dangerous period in which tension, hysteria, emotional instability increase. Conflict situations happen often, the internal aggressiveness of people is ready to kill at any time. It is even possible that forgotten insults will explode with renewed force. People seem unmanageable, full of negative feelings and negative emotions. Therefore, everyone should strive for patience and leniency. The energy in the days of Scorpio acts on the subconscious of man. Without much trouble and loss, this period can pass if you keep your sense of humor and irony without growing into sarcasm. Try to think only about good things.

The energy of Scorpio has a strong influence on the genitourinary system. The most vulnerable are the genitals, openings and rectum. Pregnant women should be especially careful. The risk of miscarriage increases. Minimize physical exertion.

Lunar calendar: lasts 10 lunar day until 15:51

You get the opportunity to use the energy of the universe, which helps to realize your plans. Plans can be successfully put into action.

On this day, the Moon helps us to become more open and sociable, attunes us to spiritual development, expands the circle of interests, strengthens wit, activity. People become more original and independent, self-confident. A very good day for the start of any mental and physical work, for communication with friends, colleagues, relatives. All affairs are going well. A good time for financial operations and solutions to material issues. Even if there are adverse events, they will be short-lived and will not cause tangible harm. Avoid scandals and quarrels, put less emotion in.

It is not recommended to get a haircut until 15:51. Torn clothes, worn shoes, torn buttons, broken heels indicate a misuse of the energy of the day.

Next is the 11th lunar day from 15:51 on July 27 to 17:06 on July 28.

Energetically one of the strongest lunar days. A tremendous force awakens in a person that must be directed only to creation. The energy of this lunar day is not only active but also aggressive and must be directed into creative practical activity. Redirect your energy to constructive practical activities.

Everything that is started must be brought to an end. Passivity is not recommended, but overloading yourself is inappropriate. Do not engage in risky activities. Now only such deeds can be started, which require complete physical and mental dedication.

Care must be taken not to do frivolous things. Everything should be done with great care. The most important thing now is the maximum concentration on the spiritual realm. If a disease occurs on the 11th lunar day, it is a signal that you do not love your body enough. Diseases in this period for men are insignificant, and in women can lead to complications. Time is suitable for romance and intimacy. A time for liberation of the spirit and relaxation, when all worries and inhibitions fall. Do not allow tension to be created in your intimate relationships!