The Minister of Culture Krastyu Krastev Krastyu Krastevwas born on 25.11.1956 in Pazardzhik. On June 6, 2023, he was elected Minister of Culture in a meeting today at the Ministry of Culture (MK) with actors from the troupe of the National Theater "Ivan Vazov". Deputy Minister Viktor Stoyanov was also present at the meeting, the ministry said.

The meeting was initiated by the actors, 15 people from the NT troupe were present – Albena Stavreva, Asen Dankov, Bilyana Petrinska, Vladimir Karamazov, Vladislav Nikolov, Victoria Koleva, Vyara Tabakova, Georgi Mamalev, Deyan and Darin Angelovi, Emanuela Shkodreva, Pavlina Petrunova, Stefania Koleva.

The actors have briefed the Minister in detail on their point of view on the situation in the theater and the atmosphere in it. They have shared their concern that false statements are circulating in the public domain, which disturb the normal work process and also burden them emotionally. They have called for the authority of the institution of the National Theater to be protected.

Kamen Donev leaves the National Theatre

Minister Krastev listened carefully to the actors from our first troupe and shared with them that he had already had meetings with other parties in the case, with more talks ahead of him. He thanked the actors that so far they have kept calm and the good name of the theater through their performance on stage, the statement said.

He assured them that in his capacity as Minister of Culture he relies on the law and this will never change.

Minister Krastev also pointed out that in the sacred and highest place in the Bulgarian theater, such as the National Theatre, it is unacceptable to have more escalation of tension and said that he was sure that good reason prevails because theatre is a cause.

Krastyu Krastev

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