Photo of shoes made by Apple

Can you guess auction price of Apple shoes: Apple Inc. has been at the top of the international technology business for years. This big company of the tech world is always the center of attraction for people due to its unique background. For those interested in collecting things, everything from early Apple devices to the establishment of the company is unique and they are eager to include it in their collection. Now a pair of trainer shoes made only for Apple employees in the 1990s are up for auction on Sotheby's website. With this, collectors have got an opportunity to include this unique shoe in their collection. This pair of shoes has been listed for auction at a price of Rs 41 lakh. These unique shoes in themselves have never been made available for sale to the common people.

"These are custom-made and ultra-rare sneakers for Apple employees that were only made available at a sales conference once in the '90s," the auction house wrote, describing the sneakers. According to Sotheby's website, in 1985, more than 22,<> Apple customers bought clothes and accessories from this brand. It shows people's attachment to this brand. Apple will partner with brands like Lami, Honda and Braun for products outside its area of expertise and implement its iconic Apple branding on white label products, the auction house said.

White shoes have Apple's logo on them

Sotheby's reported that this white shoe has Apple's old rainbow logo on it. It has never been available to the general public. According to the article's webpage, due to the old age, the shoes show glue and light stains on the toes and yellowing of the area near the sole.

Ranbir-Alia, Gauri, Malaika and other celebs arrive at designer Manish Malhotra's party

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Ranbir-Alia, Gauri, Malaika, and other celebs arrive at designer Manish Malhotra's party