On July 17-22, a group of medical personnel from the Ministry of Emergency Affairs, members of the Azerbaijani FHN International Search and Rescue Units, and the Ministry of Emergency Affairs of the Republic of Turkey continued cooperation in accordance with Article 9 of the Protocol and Action Plan of the 2th Session of the Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation between Azerbaijan and Turkey The next training has been conducted in our country by UMKE experts for representatives of medical facilities under the auspices of the Union (TIBB).

According to the FHN, at the opening ceremony of the event at the Four Seasons Hotel Baku Hotel, UMKE Education Chief Executive Officer Mustafa Uras, FhN Chief Operating Officer Polkovnik Elasseh Əliyev, FhN Medical Center Chief Polkovnik Khanim Sofiyeva, World Health Organization Representative Javahir Solomonova and Nuran Higgins, representative of the Southern Caucasus, expressed their desire for success, about the priorities of education and future cooperation.

After the opening ceremony, training was launched. Teaching is made up of ethical and practical parts. In the field of education, Turkish experts have shared their knowledge and skills with their Azerbaijani counterparts in the form of exercises.

In the practical part of the FHN's training at the Civil Defense Forces Training Polygon, the medical team was given practical knowledge of the first medical intervention and operation in desert hospitals created during the collapse and other emergencies.

The closing ceremony took place at the Ministry of Emergency Affairs' Training Police. During the ceremony, the participant's medical team was awarded appropriate certificates.