The Ministry of Emergency Affairs held a regional seminar on the implementation of the action plan for 2023-2025, to implement forest funds and precautions against potential fire incidents in the country's specially protected areas.

According to the EPA's local bureau, the event was organized jointly by the FHN and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

Representatives of the Regional Administration, Lieutenant-General Canaan Ashurov, Ghana's regional DYNI, the city's Executive Authority, regional agriculture centers, and regional ecology departments participated in the event. The speakers said most of the recent fires were from recklessness. Therefore, caution should be exercised when in forest areas, and immediately notify the FHN when faced with any fire incidents.

Canaan Ashurov has said permanent educational seminars are being held by FHN partners against fire safety. Forest fires are the least recorded in the western region, he said. It has been noted that forest fires in Azerbaijan are more common in the northwest.

And the fires are linked to fires that tourists leave unattended.

It has been noted that the main objective of the event is to prevent forest fires and to take precautions.

The initiative did not just discuss forest fires. It has also emphasized the importance of combating agriculture, agriculture and uncontrolled fields.